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Just so pleased and proud to have one of my articles featured in the new edition of Karvet/Lee Jofa's Inspired News.  Click over and find some of my ideas for Fall decorating.



Splendid Sass said…
Congratulations, Scot. This room is beautiful. Headed over.
My Notting Hill said…
Congrats, Scot. Just read the article. Loved the opening to your piece and all the great tips. I have a TON of leaves in my yard if you'd like some!
Lovely Home said…
Certainly find much inspiration in you
With best wishes (:
Kasia _ JACOB said…
Welcome to the Polish, there is a beautiful golden autumn. 1000 colors. I love the interiors designed by you.

Have A Nice Day. Cathy:)
Karen said…
Congrats! I love this room. Its so inviting and rich.
Congrats Scot, on your Lee Jofa article. Lee Jofa has always been my favorite go to for fabrics. Shiree'
AlwaysMe said…
I love the imagery in your writing. Congratulations on the article and Happy Fall!
Lovely ideas! I grew up in Monterey and while you can smell fireplace in the summertime, I do believe our weather actually changes a bit in the fall. If you look closely, leaves are falling. Enjoy the subtle changes and thanks for great ideas.
The Devine Life said…
Congrats- Beautiful room, great details.

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