"Happy Thanksgiving . . . "


Happy Thanksgiving y'all.  It's truly just been an amazing year - so please be sure to take a few moments over the weekend to recognize all the blessings in your life.

If you'd like, feel free to leave a comment of your favourite "thank you" for this year.


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Ms. Smart said…
Happy Thanks giving back @ ya.

My most thankful moment of the year has got to be the slim handsome man I connected with @ a conference. :)
Serena said…
I'm giving thanks to you, Scot! You are a true inspiration of mine. The piece in Rue was the ultimate in a virtual Christmas present! If this issue of Rue had pages, mine would be worn out, because I keep returning to that beautiful layout. Congratulations, I'm now dreaming in tartan!
Personally, it's just been such a fantastic year. The business is going REALLY well - and clearly, I've had some great press in the last few months.

But most importantly, having someone to share all of the ups and downs has been amazing - Drew, you will forever be the best thing that's happened to me this year, or any.
Karen said…
love your blog---as my hubby likes to say, "honey, plaid is your favorite color"

I'm most thankful for good health and our first grand daughter due to arrive any day now.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
Lisa Porter said…
Wishing you and Drew a joyous Thanksgiving also. Everytime I sit down with you and so many other really wonderful blogging friends, I give thanks. Thank you Scot for making blogging so much fun for me!
xo Lisa
Unknown said…

Everything makes me grateful. Happy Thanksgiving!

Kasia _ JACOB said…
Happy Thanksgiving. Each of us has much to thank. I wish you a lot of interesting posts on your blog.

Regards. Catherine
Hi Scot! I'm a fairly new subscriber to your blog and I truly enjoy it. I've shared it with others and you seem to have infiltrated my psyche! =) I have this fabulous vintage clothing store I love to frequent and this week I found myself buying this awesome Tartan Plaid wool wrap skirt for Christmas! I got a few more lovelies and will be blogging about them in the days to come. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

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