"There's a Plaid Front Moving In . . . "


Like many of you, I tend to spend a certain amount of my weekend doing a little online holiday shopping.  And frankly,  it's been a productive day - so I thought I'd share a few 'finds' in keeping with the 'tartan-sentiment' we like to keep around here.

Delicious Wool and Cashmere Throws

The perfect Brodie Tartan Weekender Bag!

Ralph Lauren is always a great source . . 

And totally loving the tartan-trimmed 
Palmer Bedding - also from Polo

Maybe something for the ladies . . .
the rainy season is upon us!

And, of course, the guys will need something to wear too!

And, believe it or not - beautiful tartan china, by Jeffery Banks

And WHO wouldn't want tartan cupcakes 
at their next holiday party?

And speaking of fabulous gifts - anyone please feel free to order this for me.  Extra - Large.  Thanks!



Mrs. Blandings said…
Love the china and that tiny bit of tartan piping on those sheets. Not that there can ever be too much.
I actually swooned a little at the boots!

I will have to send you photos of the cake I am having designed for a party in a couple of weeks - it will have a tartan sash made of fondant on top!
Tartan cupcakes... too cute.

Loving your tartan shopping......and that coat would look fab on my new puppy soon. Happy weekend and you are a really good shopper.
Linda Merrill said…
Totally loving the tartan cupcakes! Giving me ideas for my decorated sugar cookies this season... Wondering how to get that look in royal icing..
Byline said…
I want those wellie boots now that my old Hunter boots have seen their last days, and the Brodie weekender, and to keep me warm in the cold of winter, that Black Watch (?) tartan throw all packaged in tartan! Oh, and don't forget the cupcakes... must NOT forget the cupcakes!

La Dolfina said…
I love it when you do these tartan posts full of amazing eye candy. Each image is gorgeous!
I hope you get what you want for Christmas in size XL :)
It's pretty hot!!
Magnaverde said…
When I was a kid, I had a Brodie tartan sport coat that I thought was the coolest thing ever, which I insisted on wearing long after I had outgrown it, and somewhere, there's a gorgeous Kodachrome slide of me squeezed into it, looking almost as ridiculous as the model in that RL ad. Later, I used to be embarrassed when that picture would flash onto the screen during my grandfather's slide shows, but now I realize I was just fashion forward.
Kasia _ JACOB said…
I love tartan. Bag is great. Cool clothes for your dog. Regards, Catherine :)
Unknown said…
Love the boots Id love a pair of those for when Im walking the dog, not sure she would like the dog coat but she would look very cute in it
I want those boots! It is so refreshing to read your blog. I love plaid, traditional styling etc., and there's just too much modern out there in the blog world for me (gorgeous, mind you, but not me). I love coming "home" here!
Splendid Sass said…
Love, love , love Tartan! The china and cupcakes are perfect!
have a nice weekend.
i did not want this post to end!
loved every suggestion scott.
the first purchase will be my gift to me; the piped linens, then the weekender bag, then.........swoon!
Claudia Juestel said…
Love the tartan piping on the RL sheets. I wonder if we will see some tartan at Ralph Lauren's table for Dining by Design this week.


Deb's mind said…
I need to render a fabric on a chair for my graphic techniques assignment. Wow...plaid it is. Thanks for the inspiration!!!
Anonymous said…
extra large, of course

but do you want him wearing the jacket ?
Spockgirl said…
Can't believe I'm saying this but here goes:
How do I love thee tartan, let me count the ways...
The throws, the weekender bag (even though I never go anywhere), the plates/chargers, the cupcakes... aw heck, all of it.
Great post.
Rashon Carraway said…
I will wear that tartan tie...the whole fit. That weekender is on my Santa list (from Urban Outfitters...also known as the Pendleton). Those MAC boxes...I may never get my hands on....

Great post.

Unknown said…
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