"A Chill Descends . . . "


Well, it finally happened.  Upon waking this morning, it FINALLY feels like fall here in San Francisco.  That familiar nip in the air.  A early morning spent looking for a favourite cashmere scarf.  And treasuring that first sip of hot coffee.

And that feeling reminds me of the beautiful work of London interior designer, Katharine Pooley.

Brrrrr . . .


Splendid Sass said…
Nothing chilly about these rooms. Over-the-top GORGEOUS! Loving the brown.
Have a nice day.
Karena said…
Definately Brrrr here as well Scot!

Art by Karena
Robyn said…
Weather is never consistent in Texas. It is part of the charm of the state.

These rooms are so glam. I love it!
Anonymous said…
Adore these spaces! Very chic and gorgeous!
I'm wondering if anyone knows where that awesome chinchilla throw came from! It looks too good to be true! Beautiful!
Pinky said…
GORGEOUS rooms!!!! Love everything about them!
Anonymous said…
LOVE that Chesterfield sofa!!!

Karen T.
LOVE it all ... thanks for sharing :)
Anonymous said…
Scot, It felt like the first day of fall here too, in So. Ca. I got out black turtleneck, black pea coat, felt great. I am with you on the coffee! Best, Joyce
Unknown said…
Beautiful photos Scot, sitting here in my cold office I want to climb into that rather warm looking bed with that gorgeous fur throw.
Maggie O said…
Love the pillows on the black sofa, love the colours of sofas ( pic 2), love the dining room. I guess I just love it. Love the blog too!

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