"Breathe In . . . Breathe Out . . . "


It's been a kinda long week.  And if you've had anything close to the hectic flurry of activity that I've had, we could both use a few moments of quiet and reflection.

So, click play (from easily one of the best film scores of all time) . . . and look at some pretty pictures . . . sometimes, it just helps  . . . lol

photography by Eric Hooten

Interior design by Megan Rice Yager
photography by Luca Trovato

photography by Eric Hooten

photography by William Waldron

Interior Designer Barry Dixon



Splendid Sass said…
This post has made my day. Love your dining room, Ralph Lauren's room and the sweetheart Miles Redd's dining room. The music to In Golden Pond was major icing on the cake. I am going to see if I can buy this. I ran out of people to go see the movie with me. I lost count on the number of times I have seen it. Ok, you get the point. Thanks for sharing.
lindaraxa said…
Beautiful! and you are right, the music really makes it even better. I live on a lake that looks very much like your top photo. Sometimes I miss NYC terribly, but this reminds me of my new motto " this ain't bad for second best!"
Kasia _ JACOB said…
Autumn inspires artists. I love autumn. And this Autumn in Bielsko http://www.cyfrowefoto.net/galeria_jesien.php

Cheers Kasia
Richard Morales said…
The fall always reminds of days like this pictured in your blog post from today. It also reminded me of Elizabeth Dinkel's Telluride project. I think you might appreciate it. This link will take you there:

Anonymous said…
Scot, thank you for those wonderful pictures :)
Read your blog all the time, but not sure I have ever commented. I enjoy it, but the combination of this beautiful music and the wonderful pictures fed my soul. Thanks so much!
Reggie Darling said…
Hello Scott: Gorgeous photos! I am happy to see ones of Adirondack/Lakeside houses with narry an antler chandelier in sight. Not that I'm opposed to them, it's just that there is cliche decorating for these types of houses that blessedly does not infect those you have shown. Thanks, Reggie
First I have to say that this just makes me terribly homesick. Where I live, it is spring going into summer. I miss NY autumn most of all. We used to go to the Adirondacks and stay in the Sagamore .. I am reminded of that here.
We also used to go to Rhinebeck and those charming villages and I am wishing I were there now :)

I so completely agree with Reggie Darling about the antlers. I have never seen such an overwhelming piling on of one particular "look" ... and for many people it is not a pleasant look, dead animal horns hanging around.
Made for a lovely Sunday morning before I head off to work. Thanks for sharing.
Victoria said…
Golden Autumn inspires ...
quintessence said…
What a lovely post. I love how the score (love On Golden Pond) perfectly complements all the beautiful images you selected, from the elegant Miles Redd to the fabulous Barry Dixon bedroom, ending on that spectacularly tranquil sunset - really just what I needed!
Unknown said…
Gorgeous photos both inside and out. All my favorite designers are there!
Beautiful post Scot. Slip on over to Joy of Nesting if you have a chance. Love to be on your blogroll! Shiree'
Thank you for this useful and inspirational wood work subject.


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