30 December, 2013

"2014 Design Trends in WSJ . . . "


As is often the custom, the new year brings up the conversation about what trends we should look forward to - and the ones we clearly look forward to leaving behind.

I had a chat one afternoon a few weeks back with David Keeps (of the Wall Street Journal) about this very topic - and I'm delighted to be part of this particular discussion.

Have a look at let me know your own thoughts about these "ins" and "outs."  Personally, I can't see myself ever leaving behind proper window treatments - or joining in an "upholstered corduroy" movement - but, I always find the dialogue to be interesting.

You can read the whole list HERE.

Excited to hear your feedback -


Debbie@Vintage Scout Interiors said...

Thank God someone said out loud what I've been thinking about ikat. And that "Belgian" look. buh-bye! I'm with you on the corduroy thing and not sure I can get into the macrame. When I was about 14, I macraméd a window treatment for my mom; complete with hand painted beads. Made macrame trim for some cafe curtains as well. Wait... did I just show my age?

Blog Author(s) said...

Happy early New Year. Ick to the macrame. If corduroy wore well, I would be fine with it. To me, corduroy looks tired very quickly. As for window treatments, it seems to usually come down to budget. The bigger the budget, the better quality window coverings.

Merlin said...

I am SO OVER white kitchens...they do not stay white for long IF one really does use it. Corduroy...are you kidding?? And, yes...my Venetian marbled upholstered chairs are "back" IN. :) franki

Lori said...

The democratization of design access (blogs, flash sale sites etc.) is killing what should be some classic elements and quickly sending them to the "out" pile. Including the above, some of the overexposed from 2013 include lucite, Greek key motifs, brass, dark walls, mid-century pieces, Moroccan rugs, a certain Kelly Wearstler pattern etc.

Personally, I don't think anything is ever out if it is used in good taste and small doses. An overriding trend I've been seeing that's exciting is a return to valuing things that are unique and have history or a great maker story.

P.S. Let's add the terms "glamour" and "pop of color" to the out list for 2014:)

Rhonda said...

I won't be sad to see the "outs" go, but almost as equally unenthusiastic about the "in" that are predicted. Macrame and corduroy? Is the industry desperate?

I like classic things of beauty that are collected over time to make a house a home. Browsing through Home Goods makes me almost sick.

quintessence said...

Here here to books as books and not as color coded decor!! Already looking like an auspicious 2014 for you - cheers!

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Congrats on the great press and I just re-read your HB article last night- fabulous!! Happy New Year!

Shannon's Shanonigins said...

Good riddance to all white kitchens and Ikat ;) I'm a bit surprised that a beautiful fox would be grouped with the the kitschy owl. I never tire of a beautiful hunting print, but just couldn't warm to the owl trend. Macrame? Seriously? I'm in agreement with everyone on corduroy, if I'm going to dress my furniture in menswear, give me a beautiful and durable tweed or wool flannel. Ever since spending a Summer in France at least some of my windows have donned white lace, but what about privacy? Some rooms require privacy ;) I adore Venetian Marbled paper, and would LOVE to mat some prints in it. Am I the only person who misses beautiful French Wallpaper? Happy New Year <3

Tracy@GeneralSplendour said...

Interesting article! But I have to admit the corduroy isn't completely reprehensible to me. It is below zero windchills here today - the thought of cozying up on a soft corduroy sofa with a wool blanket. Akin to classic winter white cords and a wool sweater. Could be fab! I guess it depends on your locale and climate! Would totally fit in with the Norwegian and natural decorating trends! Happy New Year!

Upholsterian said...

Great discussion topic, Scot! I really liked your contribution to the article. My thoughts:

(1) Quality ikat prints (antique, or Madeline Weinrib) will always be in, just like other classic Eastern/Chinoiserie elements like Asian screens and garden stools.

(2) Sheers are lovely, but formal window treatments will always be in. I'm not suggesting that we bring back massive, flouncy floral-print drapes, but why not massive, flouncy drapes in a down-to-earth fabric like seersucker or muslin?

(3) Macramé? Just no.

(4) Corduroy? Maybe on a banquette or study couch that will be re-upholstered in a year or two.

(5) Books as design elements are anathema to me as well. I was particularly insulted by a designer sawing vintage books in half to fill a dummy, shallow bookcase added to make a room symmetrical. That was in House Beautiful or Elle Décor spread this year, and I was shocked that the publication would allow such nonsense in its pages.

(6) So glad grey is on its way out, and hooray to nuanced, delicate color being in.

Dee at The Carlton said...

Very interesting article - made me think about what features I actually like in my home in Shropshire in the UK.
- Macrame - please no, my 90 year old m-i-l still has a macrame plant hanger I made her in the early 80's but I am not ready for a come back at all.
- white kitchens - well, I have dithered so long about updating mine that perhaps oak ones will come back into fashion before I do anything about it!
- books - a definite NO to just using them as an accent, particularly when the spines are hidden so they are definitely not there to be read.
- YES to leather / velum books & studies or libraries at home
- corduroy does not wear well & is only suitable for mens trousers
- sheer window coverings are lovely but really only suitable for rooms on to private gardens.
- I would still like to see more tartan / tweed which is timelessly classic
- deer & antlers are classic - I love mine as my ancestors were pioneers in Africa & they were part of my life (but the daughters are squeamish about real ones so I have to be content with faux ...) A little & interesting is always acceptable.
- I think the best houses are those with things collected 'with the same eye' & which mean something to the people who live there. I detest generic picture prints & a house here everything is just sourced from the high street. I love hearing the 'stories' behind what makes each home interesting. My great grandparents photos now grace my dining room walls - the 4th generation they have come to & they are a massive talking point & part of who I am ... that is what makes a house a home!

Beth Scanlon said...

When I read this article in Saturday's paper, I went right to the House Beautiful clipping of the work of Charlotte Moss for the Royal Oak Foundation show house. There they were, curtains of inexpensive celadon corduroy and a bullion fringed valance. I still think the yards and yards of thin wale corduroy work beautifully at the window.

Glass sheers are poetic, dramatic criers of a summer storm, and an added layer of padding between a daughter's sweet lair and the outside world.

Venetian marbled paper, well, I can't say enough. I started making folios for my watercolors and 2013 saw these papers and their ilk push aside my easel and fill my studio.

May I say here how grateful I am to the WSJ and NYT for the great design reporting they currently offer? Happy New Year Scott!

Scot Meacham Wood said...

hey y'all -

I'm loving everyone's thoughts on this "ins & outs" chat. I'm gonna keep my eyes pealed for the first major shelter magazine image that has some macrame!

Keep your comments coming!

Jennifer said...

I purchased a GE white glass fronted refrigerator in 1997 and loved it until it konked out in 2011! I replaced it with stainless steel and hate keeping it clean!
Funny, I found a macrame' plant holder I made in the 70's this fall and thought about putting a plant in it on my porch! I will in the spring!
Sorry, but I love my white kitchen!

Scot Meacham Wood said...

The one thing that I think is the MOST important part of this discussion is that, regardless of whether something is 'in' or 'out,' if it's something that you respond to - it clearly needs to be part of your home.

For me - these conversations are more about what's driving the marketplace. I mean, I've ALWAYS loved brass . . . and now that it's coming back on trend . . . it'll be damn sure easier to find - lol.


Scot Meacham Wood said...
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Shannon's Shanonigins said...

Scott, I couldn't agree more, if you really love something, if it touches your soul, if it's a family heirloom that you cherish then who cares what the trends are? Impeccable taste is timeless (unlike macrame) ;)

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

I thought, "Corduroy upholstery? How strange!" But then, I looked across the room, and there sat my corduroy upholstered sofa! I wasn't even really aware of it - but it is so very cozy and has worn incredibly well with children and two hounds.

My only complaint is that in the hot summer months, it seems out of place. I tend to toss more lightweight pillows around then. But there's still that nagging . . . what did I do?

So, corduroy? - Okay for most of the year. Macrame anything? - Nope.

Great article and post.

Regine said...

Macrame, Corduroy and Sheers Oh My!
I declare to remain stylishly "out" and happy in 2014.
A New Year's toast to you Scott, I so enjoy your blog!
R. Kimmel

Andyboybroccoli said...

In matters of taste and style, everyone has an opinion.

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