16 December, 2013

"A Forest of Trees . . . "

Amy Atkins, California

We had almost 250 entries in our fourth annual Tartanscot Holiday Decorating Contest.  Lordy, y'all were busy.  We closed out the entries around midnight on Saturday . . . and things are now in the hands of our judges.  But, whilst they are deliberating - I'll continue to share images from the contest.

If you need a break from your busy Monday - take a look at these beautiful homes - and these creative Christmas trees . . . .

Emily Janson, Illinois 

Cosmo and Beatrice Terrigno, New Jersey

Daphne Davis, Arizona

Becky Dollarhide, Texas

Carmen Mureddu, South Carolina 

Jean Baird, California 

Marlene Wilson, Illinois 

Sean Farmer & Charlie Bradshaw, Georgia 

Roxanne Packham, California 

Anne Davis, New York 
This was one of my favourites!  Anne said that her cats would endlessly attacked the Christmas tree . . .
 so she just used a tomato cage as a form - and build one outside on the balcony of her tiny NY studio.  Love! 

Keep checking in all week for more entries - and remember  . . . we'll announce the winners on Friday!!



Carol@6WilsonBlog.com said...

I never cease to be amazed how beautifully and differently people show their love for Christmas through their decorations. All are so beautiful. Truly.

Maryann - Interior Salvage said...

They're all beautiful, each in their own way. Some fancy, some sweet, some modern, some neat, all a lot of fun to see!

Karena said...

Scot I love all of this amazing holiday splendor. I am going to do a similar tree to Ann's from now on for my terrace!

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Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Gorgeous trees!!!

Shannon's Shanonigins said...

Wow, so beautiful! I'm sure glad I'm not one of the judges ;)

Merlin said...

There's not a bauble left in the entire U.S.!! franki

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