"A Toast to the New Year . . . "


Just raising a cyber-glass to toast the beginning of an amazing year.  Here's to friends.  Here's to family.  Here's to success.  Here's to discovering whatever 2014 has in store for us.


(photos by Tinywater Photography for Rue Magazine)


Happy New Year Scot, ours was last night (NZ). We went to friends for coffee at 2pm, left at 9pm after ending up staying for dinner. I took some lovely photos of my friends beautiful home with my brand new Nikon and ended up going to bed at 2am after editing them for a post next week. Excited to share them.

Emily said…
Lovely toast! Raising my glass with y'all!
Ron said…
What a great photo, Scot. Raising my glass soon! Cheers!
Unknown said…
Happy New Year! Excited to have found you just in time for the New Year!

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