"Sunday Runway, Shorts and a Sweater. . . "


It's kind of been a running joke around San Francisco since I've lived here.  I think my good friend Stacey at Ralph Lauren may have stated it the most clearly almost 25 years ago . . . "the name 'San Francisco' is translated from an obscure Spanish phrase meaning 'shorts and a cashmere sweater.'"

Our very specific weather was famously described by Mark Twain, "The coldest winter I ever spent - was a summer in San Francisco."  And it's not like it's actually 'cold' here . . . it's just fairly chilly in the morning and early evening.  So it makes one's wardrobe options kinda challenging.  As someone who is out and working during the day . . . I need to be dressed for everything . . .

And my usual solution is shorts and a sweater.

Michael Bastian, for the New York Times
Now I'm quite well aware that many of you have been suffering through some fiercely hot weather the last fews weeks . . . so, don't begrudge us our oddly temperate weather here in San Francisco . . . along with our even temps, and possibly because of them, we also have roving bands of naked bicyclists.  I consider it a simple trade-off.



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I'm so sorry I had to delete my comments! It printed them twice and I certainly didn't want to bore you with them! Anyway…like I said..I loved this post and wish I could talk my husband into wearing shorts and a sweater! However, I doubt he could stand it for long in the Alabama heat! I lived on the navy base there while growing up for a few years and am dying to visit again and show my family all of the beautiful spots in San Francisco! Have a great Sunday!
Love the look, and am especially loving shorter shorts.. Gosh do I detest the long shorts. I have one son who is extremely conscious of current fashion and was wearing Polo short shorts and swimsuits a few years ago. The other is more into the dreadful "gangster" look and his shorts would be more accurately referred to as capris, if you will. Just awful! Unless of course, they were in fact capris for men which my other son would consider.
Oh brother!
Merlin said…
"Veddy, veddy nice!!!" franki
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