"Around Georgetown . . . "


Thought I'd share a few pictures from my recent trip to Georgetown.  I'm working on a new project in the Washington area - and had some free time to wander around this charming little corner of our nation's capital.

Amazing brick sidewalks and cobblestone streets.  Block after block of classic, Federal style townhouses and residences.  Gaslight sconces and streetlights.  And the late afternoon sun bathing the entire neighborhood in its warm glow.

And an early evening dinner at "The Tombs."  Perfection.


(all images by Scot Meacham Wood for "The Adventures of Tartanscot")


Hi Scot, thanks for taking us along on your beautiful outing. I think I could spend days there.
hugs ~lynne~
Merlin said…
Hey! Welcome to my world! We live in Aurora Hills and can walk to Georgetown. Enjoy your stay! franki
Cynna said…
Lucky you! I love Georgetown--went to school there. You MUST take a look at Marston Luce Antiques www.marstonluce.com. A fabtastic shoppe with a seriously tasteful collection and they're delightful to work with.
Reggie Darling said…
I just spent two nights in Washington, at the Georgetown Four Seasons, on a min-getaway vacation. I am never failed to be charmed by this lovely neighborhood in our Nation's Capitol. One wanders its streets playing the game of "which one would I choose..." and finds that there are so many perfect choices as to be impossible to decide. Reggie
Anonymous said…
Georgetown reeks of history and class. Walking those streets one is transported by its unique style. Every house is special. I have taken the walking tours of both east and west Georgetown. What is so amazing is that you can walk around and never realize the significance of what is there unless someone points it out. Sreams of pedestrians make no mark on the timeless brick and frame structures they pass by. I live near Georgetown and in fact was born there but still feel like an outsider peering in, privileged to realize how fleeting my life is compared to what Georgetown is and was and will always be.

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