"Of Night Noises and Night Lights . . . "

Stone Creek Camp, TX

There's some emotional connective tissue that's bringing together a few differing ideas this afternoon.  Firstly, it kinda feels like summer for the first time here in the city.  And not a classic SF summer comprised of mid-60's temperatures and fog trailing down along my ankles in the morning as I leave for the office.  But, a proper summer.  Bright, clear skies this morning.  And warm enough to wear shorts to the office (on a day that didn't involve any client meetings!)

Phoebe Howard
Ok, I did say this was going to be a little rambling . . . but, I was also thinking a bit more about Moonrise Kingdom and its romanticized portrait of scouting.  I was a Boy Scout when I was much, much younger.  I loved the amazing feeling of sleeping out of doors . . .

And I still do.  Sleeping to the sounds of owls hooting or deer wandering and nibbling in the dark night . . .  the feel of dew against my face in the early morning . . . and the harsh glare of the dawning sun . . .

So along with our 'as-glorious-as-it's-gonna-get' weather . . . and the fact that I slept last night in my favourite cotton pj's - but, not under my usual pile of blankets and covers - or wearing a cashmere sweater to keep the chill away - but on top of the covers.  With the windows open . . .

I'm discovering I have an obsession with sleeping porches.  An obsession that I can't quite explain.  Well . . . maybe no explanation is needed.   I don't think I've ever slept in one.

Mimi McMakin, House Beautiful
But they just seem to be the perfect combination of security and freedom.  Exposure and safety.  Woodland noises . . . and a reading lamp.

Michelle Fries Design
It almost makes me yearn for the classic 'yankee' cabin upbringing - that I never actually had.  As a Boy Scout in Mississippi, we always camped at Civil War battlegrounds.  Under pitched parachutes.

Kelly Van Patter, House Beautiful.

And I think I only slept on our back porch the weekend that I was repainting my bedroom.   Clearly I have a very active imaginary life.



Its the details of our lives I think that in some respects make the impact. Its only once in a while the big picture matters. I loves these photos of the details.
Anonymous said…
My grandparents had a cottage on the bay with a sleeping porch-- one day bed along each wall of windows. My cousins and I would sleep there when we went on vacation. It was amazing. The house would be so muggy when we went to sleep, but by the middle of the night we would be searching for the covers. Great memories!!
Merlin said…
Our son is an Eagle scout (proud of it!) We sleep on our porch all the time and even have owls "hooting!" The lightning bugs were early this year! franki
Vickie H. said…
You paint a glorious picture of the simple joys of your youth. Those outdoor porches you show are just magnificent in their simplicity! And you, dear sir, are just AWESOME!!!
Such an evocative post. Summer nights, lightning bugs, swimming in the lake, sitting on a dock eating a cherry popsicle (the do-it-yourself kind that you had to break in two, not one these modern pre-formed popsicle imposters) running away from dragonflies, playing kick-the-can until we were called in, begging, please Mom, just 10 more minutes! Wonderful. Thanks for the little Thursday vacation.
Great cabin inspiration! I had all but forgotten about my days as a scout in the mighty pine tree forests of Oregon. Thanks for reminding me!

Great post!
Unknown said…
This post made me giggle and think how carefree and fun it all sounded. Scot in your prior life you did have a screened porch...that's why it resonates with you.

Sounds like you have a place in mind for your vacation time this summer? All it took were some snaps and your wonderful imagination to get you started. How grand and sweet this post is. Thanks!
LOL. I certainly love the thought of the whole sleeping on the porch thing, but we just don't have the weather to do such a thing in Omaha. We keep our AC on freezing temperatures year round!
Love your posts, always!

Anonymous said…
Cool Blog!!!

Love it!

take care

Consultant Style Advisor
Maria said…
I love love LOVE sleeping porches! My grandmother used to tell me about how her parents had so many kids in such a small house that the family had to sleep in shifts - but that during the summer they got to sleep on the sleeping porch and they really liked it. I wish I had one! Thank you so much for this post, I'm glad to see some other folks sharing my love of sleeping porches :)
Avant-Gardenist said…
Stumbled on this post a few days ago and, just now, bumped into the entire cabin on Houzz: http://www.houzz.com/projects/47359/Rush-Lake#

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