"Bluer than Blue . . . "

SMW Design, Berkeley, CA


. . . and salutations from the ever-busy office of SMW Design.  Sorry for the intermittent postings around here these days - I've been traveling for work - and have been shamefully remiss in keeping up with you fine people over here at the blog. You know when you've been working too hard . . . you discover that it's hard to focus on any one thing in particular?  Well, I was having one of those moments the other day . . . posting a few images on Pinterest . . . pulling textiles for a project in the East Bay . . . reviewing pictures of a project on the East coast . . . and as my eyes began to blur . . . and I started noticing the same hue.

A blue.

A gray-ish blue.

And it seemed to be everywhere.

in linen sport coats . . . 
SMW Design, Atherton, CA
in a simple paint colour . . . 
Artist Bryan Larsen
from Finders Keeper Market, KY
SMW Design, Berkeley, CA

SMW Design, East Hampton, NY
in completed projects from years ago . . . 

in the faded colours of transferware china . . . 

Joseph Minton, for Traditional Home

from HERE.

SMW Design, East Hampton, NY

Now, when pressed for a favourite colour . . . I almost always respond with green and olive.  So, this new subversive focus on blue has kinda peaked my interest.  Let's see what might happen next . . .



LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. I am in the process of painting my kitchen this very color from bright green and black. It is SO soothing! Thank you for making me feel "on trend". LOL

Great pics too!

I'm not quite sure we can call my addled thought processes 'on trend' - but, THANKS!

Excited about your new kitchen . . . it's a great time of the year to freshen up the house!

Love this post and it's so timely, after years of denying my self more blue in my home, I'm made the plunge and it's making my heart sing.
We are building a new home. I ahve been collecting blue and white porcelains for almost 30 years and am planning in my head ALOT more blue spaces in the new house!!! Loved these images. Thanks!!!
Merlin said…
It's my "go to" color (shade)...Pantone are you out there?? franki
I've owned a wonderful antiques shop for 12 years and designed before that…I've always stayed away from blue until lately! In fact… I am known for my transfer ware, creamware, etc…and most of my customers always say…"I used to collect the blue and white"! Why did anyone ever quit?! Lately, all I've been drawn to is BLUE!!! I'm so glad you posted this! Let's all open up our eyes to the beauty of blue!!! It's wonderful! So glad I got to see this post! Hope you are doing well!
Belle de Ville said…
I love all of the photos, especially the shades of blue and gold used by Joseph Minton.

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