"Lake House Style . . . "



Well, boys and girls . . . summer is practically upon us.  And looking at my travel and work schedule for the next several months . . . I'm not seeing a solid vacation on my horizon.  So . . . I'm gonna have to take a little cyber-vacation.  The good news . . . you can come along with me.

Let's pile in the car, put on some B52's, and head out to the lake house.  Seriously.

SMW Design, Lake Tahoe Residence
SMW Design, Lake Tahoe Residence
Spitzmiller & Norris

SMW Design, Lake Tahoe Residence

Thom Filicia, Lake House

SMW Design, Lake Tahoe Residence



This looks like the perfect vacation for summer, lazy days on the lake, evenings sitting with a drink on the porch watchng the stars in the clear blue sky and the fireflies dancing across the lawn.

I hope you travels afford you even just a few hours to yourself to take in the beauty of wherever you go.

Thank you for sharing your virtual holiday.

Merlin said…
We built our log cabin ourselves on the lake. "Cabin Sweet Cabin." Not "quite" as "fancy" as those shown...but it's ours!! franki

It sounds perfectly magical!

Brooke said…
I REALLY want to come. And I LOVE the tree used as the flooring..
Fred Gonsowski said…
Hi Scot, Your imaginary vacation took you further from Lake Tahoe than you thought. I live in upstate New York, close to Lake George and the Adirondack area. Your shots could be of any number of homes on Lake George, or other lakes in the Adirondack park. I find it funny, even though many people live in the Adirondack area, the style of decorating is not all that popular, and most people here have never embraced the style, There are only a hand full of stores that even sell the products. Personally I love the look in small amounts as accents.
sallie said…
When I was a little girl I lived on a farm that had a woods where each spring my dad would make maple syrup. He had done that in that woods since he as a little boy made syrup with his father using a team of horses and sled to collect the sap.
Each evening my mom would pack Dad's supper in a basket and I would carry it over the hill to the sugar shack to him. My reward would be a taste of that delicious cooling syrup.
Your first picture took me back to those days and to what I had for many years dreamed I would do with that sugar shack if it were mine. The sugar shack is still standing nearly sixty years later--although in great disrepair. I sometimes revisit that dream and tonight you gave me a beautiful image of what it would have been like had life afforded me the chance. A dream never really dies, does it. Thank you so much!
Unknown said…
I love the nature that it's present in your photos... it's so wonderful and inspiring. It makes me remember a brand that like to reinvent the "forces of nature" through furniture... take a look: http://www.brabbu.com/
pve design said…
My valise is packed.
Found your blog from Pinterest. Those cabins look so comfortable. I bet your vacation was fantastic. Are these up for sale?
Anonymous said…
Please tell me how I can get a sectional like in the fourth picture. I love the look and it would be the perfect size for my home. Please help if you guys know how I can purchase one. Thanks in advance! Just the name of the company would be fine cause I can GOOGLE the rest!
Anon 9:43,

The sofa in the image you refer to is a custom designed sectional that we design for the space. You can always contact us at info@smwdesign for specific information.

I truly like to reading your post. Thank you so much for taking the time to share such a nice information.
Unknown said…
Where is the very first picture located? The tiny cabin.
ElleM said…
Where did you get the photo for the June 29th posting called "Lake house style?" I absolutely love it and wonder if there is a way I could see the inside from another angle and maybe get the dimensions.


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