"Sunday Runway, circa 1965 . . . "

Bill Murray


Well y'all . . . this one's gonna be a rambler.  A parade of ideas.  Hopefully with enough charm and narrative structure to keep everyone engaged until the outcome.  You see, it all started last Wednesday afternoon.  Drew and I were planning to see a movie . . . and the two things on our radar right now were Tim Burton's "Dark Shadows" and Wes Anderson's "Moonrise Kingdom."

Bob Balaban

Now, I never like to think of San Francisco as being way out in the hinterlands . . . but, I was kinda shocked to discover the despite "Moonrise Kingdom"'s release date several weeks back . . . it was still not showing anywhere in our area until the weekend.

So, "Dark Shadows" it was.

The young stars of Moonrise Kingdom

By the way, don't go see "Dark Shadows."  I love many of Tim Burton's films . . . but, this one just fell kinda flat for me.  I have, in response to my dislike of the film, been watching hours and hours of the vintage Dark Shadows serial and movies on iTunes all weekend.  And have been delighted by their campy, wondrous storylines.   So if you're in the mood for some vintage vampires - I say go old-school with the original series.

Ed Norton

So, after having to wait for a few extra days . . . we finally sat in the magic of a darkened theater to watch "Moonrise Kingdom" on Friday night.  And seriously it was worth the wait.

But, along with the clever storytelling.  Great camera work.  The usual cast of amazing acting talent. And the excellent use of Benjamin Britten's "Noye's Fludde" as a major part of the score and plot.  There were some amazing clothes.  Classic yankee Ivy style.  Right in the sweet-spot of the mid 1960's.  From Bill Murray's vast collection of "go-to-hell" pants - Ed Norton's envy-worthy sleep gear - and Bob Balaban's red wool coat and patterned gloves.  All good, all the time.    

So . . . thinking about Ivy style and Hollywood reminded me of this amazing new book - Hollywood and the Ivy Look . . . and the super-chic (but, oddly super simple) styles of the early 60's.  When all one needed was a well-cut oxford shirt and a bright smile to look charming. 

Case in point, Robert Redord.  Perfect.

Redford.  Newman. 

McQueen.  Rocking a Baracuta jacket.  

And it seems like any discussion of mid-1960's Ivy style would not be complete without a mention of Take Ivy - the photo-essay on college style in the 60's.  I have friends who can practically quote it chapter and verse.  

So kind of a scatter-shot Sunday Runway from this end.  A little film.  A little fashion.  Some fairly obscure music.  And a few books you need to buy.

Well . . . it's Sunday.  Put on some Britten.  Mayeb buy a few new books.  And go to the movies tonight.  Tomorrow begins the new work week.



quintessence said…
So disappointed about Dark Shadows but as it approached, I was having my doubts. I lived for the TV show after school - me and evidently Michelle Pfeiffer!! But now I am putting Moonrise Kingdom on my list - can't wait!!
Victoria said…
Thanks for the recommendations. As for "Dark Shadows," I had a feeling it could not live up to the original.

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