"In Danger of Falling . . . "

SMW Design, Berkeley Project 2012.


Well, we're finally home from vacationing along the northeast coast and Canada.  And I want to be sure that I don't deluge you with nothing but vacation pictures for the next several posts . . . lol.  

So, we'll kinda be a little stealth about this.  Seriously, there's only one vacation picture in this entire post.  And I didn't even take the picture myself.  But, don't fret, there's a whole memory card's worth of pictures that I'll start posting over the next couple of weeks.  

But, for now - let's talk about the weather.  Fall is always somewhat of a struggle for me.  I'm usually always in the mood for fall much sooner than the weather is ready for my wardrobe.  Luckily, San Francisco usually works in my favour - giving me some cool mornings and chilly evenings to make the tweed and wool a little more palatable.

So.  No matter what your local forecast is.  Let's start getting ready for fall . . . . 

Vintage Ralph Lauren advert, circa 1979
Michael Bastian, Fall 2012.
SMW Design, Berkeley Project

SMW Design, Nob Hill Project
Quebec City, Quebec Canada.   We actually stayed at the beautiful le Chateau Fontenac Hotel (the large structure in the center of the image) during our last stop in Quecbec City.  A marvelous city - full of amazing architecture and history.  
Ovadia & Sons, Fall 2012
Ralph Lauren Fall Collection 2012
from Beckett & Robb
SMW Design, San Francisco Project
from Downton Abbey, Season One
SMW Design, San Francisco Project



I guess we should get our top hats ready! Glad you are back and enjoying fall weather. I remember you have ties to the South, so you know how we are pretending to have fall weather here - for now.

Give us a few weeks and we'll be in tweeds.
Welcome back and breathtaking post!
Diogenes said…
I've been to Quebec many times but never stayued at the Chateau. I'm curious to know how the rooms are? Wouold you stay again?
mlbdesign said…
I'm on the bandwagon for top hats as well, ESPECIALLY with a veil and a riding habit!! what else give the same combination of chic, tailoring, and romance all at the same time?!?
Merlin said…
WOW! The Autumn leaf/water reflections look just like ours at the lake!! Fall has fell (leaves!!) franki

the hotel is marvelous . . . both architecturally and in their amazing service. And yes, the rooms are amazing.

I agree, I love this season, but as a Southern California person the weather is laughing at my nod to fall, knowing we'll be enjoying (read: suffering) hot weather until late October. Love the photographs you've shared. The vintage RL is really fun and so classic.

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