"Sailing in Maine . . . "


I thought I'd just share a few photos from an amazing afternoon a few days back of sailing on a four-masted schooner off the coast of Bar Harbor, Maine.  We've been vacationing for the last few weeks on the northeast coast - and heading up to Canada for a few days before coming back to San Francisco.

My internet access has been kinda spotty, at best - so I'm taking advantage of a healthy 'wifi' connection this morning to share a few pictures from the trip.  A bright, glorious afternoon.  Aboard the beautiful Margaret Todd.  And a few hours of sun and sea!

Keep an eye out for a series of posts from our vacation - but, please accept this meager offering for the moment!

Until later!

(all photography, Scot Meacham Wood for Tartanscot)


September in Maine! You've discovered our New England secret.
I'm green with envy. Wishing you calm waters and great food and drink! Cheers!
Great time of the year to be in the North East! Enjoy, but don't stay away too long.
Merlin said…
That blue sky!!! Fair winds and following seas!! franki

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