"Sunday Runway, Back To School . . . "

from Rugby Fall 2012


Okay, seriously.  Does it not feel as though this year is simply FLYING past?!?!?!?  It seems like less than two months ago I was looking for somewhere to have a Valentine's dinner.  And now, what seems like quite suddenly, it's Labor Day weekend - and everyone is headed back to school.   As a youngster, like most kids, I was never all that excited about heading back to school - but, it DID mean that I could do some serious shopping.

There were great places like The Rogue in Jackson.  And George Sherman Clothiers in Starkville.  Or there was always the parade of catalogues that seemed to arrive at the house everyday.  Finding the perfect polo shirt from Ralph Lauren to wear on the first day of classes.  Fresh Levi's and khakis.  Procuring madras shirts and ribbon belts.  In general, spending the entire salary from an entire summer of working part-time jobs.

Tommy Hilfiger, Fall 2012

Michael Bastian, for Gant, Fall 2012

Brooks Brothers, Fall 2012

What do you recall about your favourite 'back to school' wardrobe?  Or a favourite store from high school or college?



Squeak said…
When I was a child, and even as a teenager, I wasn't allowed to choose my own clothes. I'd gaze longingly at the Sears catalogue, picking out things that I desperately wanted. Then Mom would go shopping (without me) and buy the things she wanted me to wear. Needless to say, I was bullied by the other kids because I was wearing the sort of clothes 40-somethings, not teenagers, would wear. It wasn't until I went to university that I got to choose my own wardrobe and I just loved picking out beautiful clothes in Fall colours.
Love all of your picks, Scot. I might not be at school anymore but I still use the back to school period as an excuse for a little (read: a lot) of shopping! ;)
Lisa Porter said…
Growing up in Scottsdale Arizona
it was always a dilemma.
Keep in mind - the temps were usually
100 & something.
So in grade school the question was,
should Lisa be comfortable in
a faded yet freshly ironed Lilly shift
and new Saltwaters
or should she sweat it out in style
in a Florence Eiseman ensemble & loafers?
Thank God for all girls Catholic high school.
Uniforms, fresh white Izods & new Tretorns!
University was a wash of school hoodies.
Gosh you have great style Scot!
My 18 year old son must see this post!!!!
Thank you sir!
XO Lisa
p.s. I recall something seersucker for kindergarten...hehe!
My Mississippi cousins always talked about shopping at The Rogue in Jackson. They looked great!

As for me, on the first day of 9th grade, I was so proud of my pink Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, except that I was so skinny, my Mom had to take a big tuck in the back, and it would hurt my spine to lean back in my desk seat!

Here, in Fairhope, AL, the students all wear uniforms in public school. Khaki bottoms and navy or white tops. Very easy on the Moms, but a little unimaginative.
Merlin said…
"Bobbie Brooks" was the ultimate cool "way back then..." franki
I loved the first day of a new school year, but invariably, as a lifetime fan of fall and winter clothing, I'd have selected sweaters and jackets that couldn't possibly be worn during the first few weeks of the sunny Southern California school year.
Unknown said…
I remember dressing in winter clothing and it was so hot in September and all my nice school clothes were feeling like weights all the way home.
Anonymous said…
I loved going back to school. In the early 60's all girls had to wear dresses - living in Boston in winter was hard. But then in the 70's we got to wear anything and we did! My favorite outfit was my purple striped hotpants with matching Neru jacket! The coolest 5th grader around!! Donna

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