"New York City. The First Course . . . "


Did you miss me?  Sorry for the long absence, but I was back in New York last week for the BlogFest 2011 Conference sponsored by Kravet and Lee Jofa . . . and, let me tell you, the event was amazing.  In fact, it was SO amazing - I'm still gathering my thoughts - there's a lot to think about . . . so in the meantime . . . let me offer this . . .

A collection of images from my trip . . . from a gray, dreary couple of days . . . celebrating the beauty of New York City . . . and some great little snacks along the way . . . .



(all photography by Scot Meacham Wood, for The Adventures of Tartanscot)


Karena said…
Scot the trip sounds amazing, the architecture, the pastries!! I love NYC!

Art by Karena

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You will love it!
Beautiful job on the photos Scot. Looking forward to hearing about your NY adventure. Shiree'
Unknown said…
Scot, what type of camera do you shoot with? You have such an interesting approach in the composition of your photos. They're beautiful!

I'm bummed that I had to cancel my trip for Blogfest. It would have been great to see you! Looking forward to hearing more about it.
Love seeing things through your eyes! Ruthie
Merlin said…
Wondered when you were going to "check in." Your camera was "on fire!" franki
Maison de lin said…

Beautiful pics, I love NY!


It's really just a simple little Canon PowerShot 1200. Sorry you we're able to be in NY for the event - you were certainly missed!

Unknown said…
It was so wonderful to meet you in person and share some laughs behind the scenes! You are a joy!!!

Love these photos and seeing the Big Apple through a fresh lens. The photo of the bright green tables and chairs - cheerful even on a dreary day.

And, guess what. It's STILL raining here!

~ Elizabeth
Whitney said…
FANTASTIC photos Scot! I especially love the fire escapes -- a very avant-garde shot!

I mentioned SMW Design in my All-Things-Ralph post today - because I love your work! http://consideryourselfathome.blogspot.com/2011/05/rl-you-listening.html

Cheers - Whitney

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