"I'm Gonna Wash That Man . . . "


We all have our morning rituals.  Mine are quite simple.  Up around 6am - to the sound of my iPhone barking like a dog (don't know why, but it's my favourite alarm sound!)  A quick cup of blindingly hot English Breakfast tea . . . maybe a bit of oatmeal with almond butter.  A quick run of a couple of miles - just to get the heart up and pumping - and get the old "grey matter" functioning.

Then - I head to the shower.  There's not a better way to start my day than with a hot shower and clean hair.

A while back I posted a collection of bathroom images - but, the focus seemed to skew a bit more towards bathtubs - and someone rightly commented at the time that we, as a culture, seem to be much more of a 'shower' crowd.  So, I promised then that a 'shower posting' would be in the works - and thus, today little missive was born.

So wipe the steam off the mirror - and have a look . . .

Betty Lou Phillips, for House Beautiful (photography by Nathan Schroder)
Steven Learner, for Elle Decor (photography by Pieter Estersohn)

SMW Design,  Lake Tahoe
Lela Rose, for Elle Decor
(photography by Pieter Estersohn)

SMW Design,  Lake Tahoe
Michael S. Smith, for House Beautiful
But, if you're in a pinch, you can always see if Robert Redford is 
around to help with any hair washing issues.  Seriously.



Unknown said…

We all like it "hot" a shower that is...lol great showers and some original effects. They all seam to become brilliant with daylight streaming in. Now if we can get that effect at 4:00 a.m. I think we could be onto something very original.
LOVE your Lake Tahoe bathrooms! My favorite movie last shot- always brings me a smile. thanks.
Showers are for the busy week days--but nothing is as luxurious as a bath on the weekends! Calgon--take me away!
Susie Q said…
Love these bathroom and all the sweet trimmings but yeppers. I will take Robert Redford in a pinch. For a pinch. With a pinch.
Anonymous said…
Yikes! Where in the world was that Robert Redford pic from?

I thought I had seen every movie!

Wonderful post........so interesting.....I am a "bathtub deep girl"

however....showers are necessary to wash hair!

Gorgeous post! Thank you!
Spockgirl said…
Love the shower in the first... no... second image.

And... haven't watched "Out of Africa" in ages...
D.B. said…
Great photos and the pics of the bathrooms were good too. Thanks!
Maison de lin said…

I'm your new follower. I like verry much your blog.

Greetings from Belgium
CeceliaMc said…
I think I'd live in that first bathroom.

I'd shower every other hour and spend the rest of the time rearranging the cotton candy towels.
Rick said…
beautiful...and, oh yes, the pics of the bathrooms werent bad either!
Suz said…
Beautiful bathrooms!
Hello darlin ~
I love that last bathroom.. I got lucky here with the bathtub .. we are in a 100 year old mansion turned apt building and I have a great huge tub that I can scuba dive and soak in for hours ..
with a nice shelf just for all the candles.
Everything is white.. rustic marble and ceramic tile .. and 15 ft ceilings.
But I want that glassed in shower :)
quintessence said…
Robert Redford can wash my hair any time!! Just love those large and luxurious showers, especially when there is a seat involved!!
Anonymous said…
I always thought that scene with Redford washing Streep's hair was one of the sexiest things ever. The response of some friends, male and female was other. Some people cannot have people touch their hair, to me, it's a great luxury. I love the bathroom with the glass surround and drain inside the surround, and of course, the Tahoe bath and colors.
Renée Finberg said…
this is the perfect bathroom post....
with an amazing ending.
i loved that scene.

Unknown said…
Beautiful bath and man photos. I love that Out of Africa scene.
I use the barking dog for an alarm, too. It's fun to wake up too.
Lisa Porter said…
I still dream about that scene from out of Africa! My MR. will appreciate these great hot spots as he wants a steam shower to call his own!

Thanks Scot & hope you're having fun at Blogfest. Listed you in today's post as one of my go-to blogfest blogs. Take good notes.
xo Lisa
red ticking said…
robert can wash my hair anyday.... my favorite movie and i agree... one of the sexiest movie scenes ever...
design elements said…
lovely selection, Scot! I like all the bathrooms but my absolutely favorite is the last image. Love the movie...the book...the story..
Sarah said…
I'll take the Robert Redford style shower, please! ~ Sarah

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