"Happy Memorial Day . . . "


I hope everyone has plans for either an extraordinarily relaxing - or wildly productive - Memorial Day Weekend.  


(photography by Scot Meacham Wood, in East Hampton, NY 2010) 


Nick D said…
Happy Memorial Day Weekend Scott! Great blog....
Kalee said…
Same to you! Hoping you enjoy the warmth of the sunshine and some seriously fabulous food ;).
katiedid said…
Have a great weekend Scot!
Well so far not even mildly productive and not even close to relaxing so its lingering somewhere in between all the above! I love that picture though! It evokes in me an feeling of nostalgia and lazy days of summer that I am longing for......we are recovering and "decompressing" from a very late wedding last night....so just chilling in blogland right now and loving it! Wishing you a wonderful and relaxing weekend, new to your blog and like what I see! Was going to be your newest follower but see like me, you are having the same problem, and all my followers have kind of vanished in blog world for the time being..VERY frustrating so for now i am your newest subscriber:)
PS stop by my newish blog if you have a minute, a blog about the buliding of our new home and my love for design and decor
Stu Hodgkiss said…
I love the image, Have a great Memorial Day!
quintessence said…
The perfect shot! Have a great weekend!!
Unknown said…

Have a wonderfully relaxing weekend and enjoy the time it takes to daydream a bit longer.

Love the photo! Happy Memorial Day to you to!

Enjoy a little rest, relaxation and perhaps some berries like those shown in your photo of last year!

I have followed your blog forever, a fellow tartan lover, and follower.

@ pine cones and acorns blog
Unknown said…
Hope you're having a wonderful day, Scot!

Was that photo taken at my all time favorite Hamptons farm stand, Round Swamp?! If so, the chicken salad is unparalleled!!!

Cheers to the red, white and blue!

Yep, you called it! One of my favourite places in East Hampton!


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