"Bustling . . . "


Oh. good. grief.  It's been a busy few days - and looks like several more are going to follow.   I had the great pleasure of being the guest speaker at the Alameda Tea Club on Monday afternoon - and now have the 2 day photo shoot for my upcoming One Kings Lane sale later this month!  Oh, and I'm running a design business too . . . lol . . .

I always love being busy - but, this is getting kinda silly . . . but, all this activity is at least some good cardio.  I'll let you know if there is any weight loss - lol!



Sarah said…
Clever! Good luck with your busy week. ~ Sarah
you have great blog. have an inspiring week no matter how busy it will be :)
AlwaysMe said…
Ooooh - a One Kings Lane sale! Hope you'll give us plenty of notice! That sounds exciting!
Have a great week!
Stylelinx said…
Great blog...Can't wait for your sale...I might even demand you give us a weigh-in.
designchic said…
You are one busy man...can't wait for the One King's Lane sale!!
Maggie O said…
Enjoy every minute...the alternative would be boring!

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