"The Antidote . . . "

Lee Jofa Showrom, New York City
(photography by Scot Meacham Wood)


We're having one of those rainy, dreary days here in San Francisco today - and I have the perfect antidote - the new collection of textiles from Lee Jofa by Lilly Pulitzer.  Almost bracingly bright.  Saturated with happiness.  Bursting with flavour.  And all ready for your summer.

I had the great opportunity to preview the collection last week while I was in New York for Blogfest 2011, sponsored by Kravet / Lee Jofa, and it was an excellent antidote to an equally rainy, dreary day that seemed to wrap that city.  

Florals.  Turquoise.  Checks.  Watermelon.  Linens.  Limes.  Textiles.  Trims.  Lemon.  Prints.  Happiness.

Enjoy . . . 

Practically perfect in every way.
Lee Jofa Showroom, New York City
(photography by Scot Meacham Wood)

Lee Jofa Showroom, New York City
(photography by Scot Meacham Wood)

Selection from the new textiles at Lee Jofa, from Lilly Pulitzer.
Seriously, the sun JUST came out here . . . almost in response to my posting.

Wow - the power of textiles,


Unknown said…
Love it - the Power of Textiles indeed! Up until today, Lilly's new line was the sunniest, cheeriest thing I'd seen in weeks.

Hope the sun sticks around for you!
~ Elizabeth
Anonymous said…
Hooray for Florida tropicals! I adore these Lily designs!
Beryn Hammil said…
Thanks Scott! This is exactly what we needed to perk up this dreary day in San Francisco.
ann chamberlain said…
I LOVE the LILLY prints. What a fabulous set up. I am in a serious want mode right now for the whole thing. Thank you for sharing. I really enjoy your blog.
abc oroville
Great photos of sunshine-y fabrics for LP! ; )
A Casa da Vá said…
Wow this collection looks adorable!

Hugs & kisses from Rio!
Whitney said…
Hooray for sunshine! The power of colorful textiles AND the thoughts of color, indeed! Color can do such amazing things for the psyche and the soul.

And the the Lily collection at Jofa is über-colorful, like being slapped in the face by the nicest & happiest person you know. :) Whitney
quintessence said…
It's finally sunny here as well. Love this wonderful new collection - and I'm loving the new furniture line as well!!
Jennifer Powell said…
Scot - I love reading your blog. Thanks so much for sharing your photos from the event, I was thrilled to see you there and at Kravet and Lee Jofa we're so grateful for your support. xx
Merlin said…
Those plaid chair seats...delicious! franki
Erika said…
LOVE it. Great feeling for colours. The sun will be shining there, even if it is raining outside!Have you ever seen grey communistic suburbs? It is extreme opposite to yours art.

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