"Who is This Man . . . "


Sometimes the internet brings you beauty.  Sometimes the internet brings you inspiration.  Sometimes the internet brings you a little mystery. A mystery wrapped in inspiration, and smothered in beauty.



Unknown said…
Neat story. Great photos. I hope he finds them.
Victoria said…
Wow! Touching grabs your heart. Yes they are great photos. And lots of insight as well. I hope he finds them too.
vignette design said…
Yes, a mystery smothered in beauty, wrapped in inspiration. Hopefully, he will find the mysterious European photographers.
Irene Turner said…
I saw this video today on FB and reposted it myself...I love this guy. heartfelt, intentional, and I think we should all spread the word! You go Scott...love it, and the pics are great too.
quintessence said…
What a fantastic little piece - how did you ever find this! Really a gem of a little film. Beautiful photography, great story and fabulous narration - just loved it!!
This is the best part of life...the unexpeted, the mysteries, the use of your imagination.

This is a very cool story.

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