"More Cream than Coffee . . . "


It's a new year (well, it's been a new year for several weeks now, but as previously mentioned in this same space, I've been kinda busy - as in totally busy.)  And one of my favourite aspects of the new year is the new business that always seems to greet me as January begins.  Something fresh.  Something bright and clean.  Something like coffee - but, with a lot of cream.  Heavy cream.

Barbara Barry, for Metropolitan Home

So most of my days are filled with combing through new tile samples, carpet samples, and (my favourite) tons of textile swatches.   Searching through lighting catalogs.  Shopping for bathroom fixtures.   Always focused on my task.  Always on the look-out for something unexpected.

Polished Chrome.




Linen Velvet.

Wool Gaberdine.



Ralph Lauren, 72nd Ave at Madison Ave, New York
Oscar de la Renta, Spring 2011
Robert Passal Interior Design

Katharine Pooley Interior Design, London
Chris Pine, from GQ
Scot Meacham Wood Design, San Francisco

Michael Smith Design
Ralph Lauren, 72nd Ave at Madison Ave, New York
Katharine Pooley Interior Design, London

And the beat goes on . . .


Rashon Carraway said…
These are some really great spaces. I would love to have a few of these items in my home.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting
Splendid Sass said…
Just beautiful Scot.
Love the fabric on the sofa in the living room that you designed! I also love the slipcovered sofa.
Have a wonderful week,
Unknown said…

I love more cream than coffee. Lovely spaces and happy to read that 2011 is greeting you with more of what you love.

I love the cream but with MORE coffe accents:) Just my taste. I love the room you designed! Of course love the RL ones!!! Beautiful. Pinky
Erik Perez said…
I absolutely love these combinations... I could live in one of these spaces.
Anonymous said…
such yummy pairings! love this post!

Unknown said…
Love your space best! I hear the piano!
@Victoria -

For some reason, I've been very lucky - there seem to be pianos in a great many of my projects! And that one is especially beautiful! I've played it on several occasions.

red ticking said…
as my mother always said...
"would you like some coffee with your cream"?
so pretty... as always... xx
quintessence said…
Love all these beautiful creamy images - including your beautiful design- I'm a sucker for a large check! There's also a lovely mini version of the Ralph Madison Ave. store nearby here in Greenwich - it's also gorgeous just on a smaller scale. And my little coffee shop makes the most beautiful coffees like these - heavy on the cream please!!
Karena said…
Scot I love all of these lucsious images. I do about half coffee and half almond milk! Yum!

Art by Karena
Linda in AZ * said…
* Such beauuutiful, relaaaaaxing colors... I HONESTLY lovvve the way they, and the spaces themselves, make me "FEEL"!!! ***

Linda in AZ *
designchic said…
Love a serene, calm, neutral palette...all so beautiful!!
La Dolfina said…
Such a lovely post!!
I especially love the images of latte's thrown in for good measure!
Ha Ha, now I know why you mentioned coffee and cream in your Twitting. Gorgeous images and relaxing surroundings.
Maggie O said…
As they say in Scotland...luvely!!

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