"Blogging from Bed . . . "

Birch Coffey from Elle Decor


The good news is - I'm back from an amazing week visiting family for the holidays.  The bad news is - I seem to brought a small cold home with me.

The other good news / bad news issue is that I'm SWAMPED at the office and thus I haven't been able to get nearly as much rest as I feel like I need.

So, just for good measure, I'm spending the morning in bed.  Getting a bit of extra sleep.  And writing a quick blog post.



Get better soon my friend!

Happy 2011,
Oh I am sorry you are unwell.
There is nothing like a good loll in the bed.
Get lots of sleep and drink lots of liquids ( call me tomorrow if you need more advice lol)
Unknown said…

Been there this week also. Fresh oranges daily, lots of water and green tea. Rest is the best medicine. Blessings!

La Boheme said…
I hope you feel better Scot! A bit of extra sleep never hurt anyone, right? xo
thank y'all.

feeling a bit better and heading out to a client meeting!
Unknown said…
Hope you feel better soon. Love your blog.
If my bedroom looked like this I would stay in bed all day as well. Feel better!
quintessence said…
As you say good news bad news - a lot of people seem to have caught things over the holidays. Hope you'll be good as new quickly!
Unknown said…
Hope you're feeling better. I have a cold too that I can't shake! Came down with it on New Year's Eve. Makes getting on with those resolutions a bit slow!
Feel better, Scot. I was sick for 4 days, not fun:( Pinky
Unknown said…
Ah get well soon Scot, I too have the dreaded cold & my boiler has picked now to pack up, bloomin marvelous! Well Happy New Year (if not a tad late) hope you feel much better soon
Sarah :)
..hope you get well soon, ..I like the beautiful pix från Elle Decor ..
I would so be in that beautiful bed with Birch but our partners might not like it.

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