"Shopping in SOHO . . . "

From Michele Varian, New York


While out shopping last weekend in New York - I ran across these wonderful serving trays at Michele Varian's shop in SOHO.  I just loved the combination of classic style - but, with the fantastic whimsy of the illustrations.

The "Pia" Tray
 "Designed to be functional and lifestyle design driven, this magical and fantasy 
inspired tray can be used in a practical function for a most memorable 
tea party or as a beautiful wall decoration. Created from high pressure 
laminate over pressed wood and paper board. 
Measures: 25" in length x 17" in width."

The "Bernardo" Tray

Hop over and have a look at the complete collection,


I love those trays! What a great find. The Bernardo is my favorite.
Design Elements said…
wonderful find! I like Bernando too..
Anonymous said…
I love her shop. Whenever I am in NYC I always make it a point to stop there (along with the dozen or so others I always go to in SOHO). I saw these trays when I was there last time, they are wonderful aren't they.

I picked up the Monkey Candelabra (http://www.michelevarian.com/IBS/SimpleCat/Product/asp/hierarchy/04/product-id/37012268.html )last time. Now painted gold, with olive drab accents,it is stunning.
Claudia Juestel said…
These are fabulous!!!


these are clever and different.
Anonymous said…
Unique! I love the first one (not named) best!

Karen T.
April Elizabeth said…
How can you not love classic Whimsy! How wonderful! Thank you for turning me on to these!

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