"Only the Shadow Knows . . . "


In some ways it's as inevitable as packing up Christmas ornaments.  In many ways it's as dreaded as Tax Day or a dentist appointment .  Do you understand this emotion?

Under the glare of florescent lights?

With the turn of a key in a rarely used lock?

"I wonder what's in my storage unit?"

I'm fascinated by this 'off-site' closet for all those various objects that don't have a regular place in my home.  Holiday decorations.  Odd bits left over from design projects.  Fabric.  Artwork.  Furniture.

I'm feeling a sale coming on.



We tend to avoid ours like the plague. But it is true - we always find great stuff that we forgot about.

Seriously - and not just because mine is full of holiday decor - sometimes it is REALLY like Christmas in there! lol.
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
Sounds like certain places in my basement...
I just cleaned up and found things I did not know I had!
A sale on your blog??? Please?

Happy weekend!
Hamptontoes said…
You feel a sale coming on and I feel a customer in the waiting! Such a true post!
Crystal Crate said…
Loving your blog! I just started my own blog with my fantastic crystal and shell bottle art. I'd love it if you could stop by, and if you like them, follow! :) Off to read more! xoxo, The Crystal Crate.

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