*walks up to the microphone*

Good morning faithful reader,

I've only been blogging for about 5 months now and I can't believe the amazing people that I have met through my contacts here with "tartanscot."  So this morning I want to acknowledge a few special people.

firstly, ArchitectDesign.  Of all of my new blogging friends, you were the first.  We've chatted about practically everything from light fixtures, vintage homes, design inspirations, and all points in between.  You were also the first person to add me to your blog list.  My thanks knows no bounds.

and the lovely and gracious GrannySmithGreen.  We share a great love of English design and I know when we first meet . . . we'll sit in the corner of some coffee shop and giggle for hours.

PigtownDesign.  Anyone who can chat with me about the glories of design AND can geek-out about Doctor Who and Torchwood is 'tops' in my book.

and sweet PatriciaGray.  You were so kind to list me as one of your favourite new blogs on Saturday.  I was (and still am) quite honoured.

KatieDid, you were SO sweet to list my blog yesterday . . . glad you enjoyed the images and good luck with the tour of your home.  As I've always said, if you want to get things done around the house - have a party.

I encourage anyone who hasn't already, to swing by and meet my new friends.



If you aren't the kindest! Thank you so much for sharing with me. We do seem to have gobs of fun over the internet don't we!?! Now, let's see, what coffee shop is between here and SF? Texas maybe? I'm telling you, if you ever make it to the Southeast--the fun we are going to have! Thanks Tartanscot, you're a treasure!
You are the most unfailingly polite blogger out there! I am enjoying reading your blog, and I also enjoy reading the blogs of all the friends you list here.
OMG, thank you so much! That is so sweet - I love your blog so much and no thanks is neccesary :-)
I can't wait to continue reading and getting to know you better!!
red ticking said…
they are all spectacular blogs and so is yours! i cannot believe you have only been blogging 5 months... you are such a pro at it.
await your phone call....package ready to go!
Well ! I have to say that your blog is one of my favourite finds. I am officially a groupie. (lol)
aw . . . poop-snot !

sorry Redticking . . . I'll call in the morning. can't wait to see my samples.
Isn't the blogging world GREAT!!!
Anonymous said…
Nooooo..... just more FANTASTIC blogs to read and yours is also great love your style. Must make more time. If anybody knows where the sell time please email me!!!

Their blogs are great!

Three more episodes with the gorgeous Tricia Helfer and a space odyssey ends!
Pigtown*Design said…
Thank you so much for including me in such illustrious company! I am continually amazed by my fellow bloggers.
katiedid said…
Hi Scot!
You are so much fun! I think a blog party is in order....you have just listed some of my all time faves. I am off to visit GrannySmithGreen, whom I have yet the pleasure of meeting. (She just visited me this morning) I can hardly wait! Sooooo happy to have found you!
Scott Fazzini said…
What about me, Scoty?!?! Maybe next time. : )

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