"SMW Home's Tristan Stripe . . . "


There's a marvelous chill in the air these days . . . and Autumn is in full force here in NY - and a glorious Winter is likely not far behind.  What it best means is that I'm getting reacquainted with my beloved fair isle sweater collection that has been resting fallow over the long, hot Summer months . . . 

It was actually these same stacks of sweaters that help inspire one of our new textiles this season.  Tristan Stripe is actually based on one of my own knits - hand made in Great Britain that I think I purchased in college a great many years ago . . . 



 Tristan Stripe in Summer Palace


1)  Which one is your favourite . . . ?

2)  And who can name the actor and television show in the first two images of this post?




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