"Design. and Pie . . . "


I love a solid, well-thought out metaphor.  I love design.  I love dessert.  So let's see if we can wrap this all up in one sweet posting! 

As we begin working with new clients and new projects here on the east coast - there's always a swarm of questions about the best way to begin the process.  And when to "dot the final 'i'" and "cross the final 't'" in the project.

And as usual - I like to talk about pie!

There are a great many concepts that connect baking/cooking and good design.  I like to think about architecture and space planning as baking.  It's all about precise measures and science.  You need to follow your recipe precisely or it's going to be a disaster.  That's the architecture piece of 'the pie.'  It really has to be perfect.  The space planning should be precise and orderly.

When we get to the filling . . . I like to loosen up the process a bit.  Let's say you're planning a cherry pie - but, when you go to the farmer's market - the cherries don't look good.  But the apples look AMAZING.  We can pivot our plans a bit - and make an apple pie.  The same happens in our projects at times.  A fabric gets discontinued.  A piece of furniture arrives broken - or not as expected.  I like our clients to be able to pivot a bit . . . and let us create some magic out of what might be a problem.

If by chance you are in the New York area - and would like SMW Design to assist in creating - or recreating - your home.  Please reach out to us at inquiries@SMWDesign.com  and let's talk.  Or you can always just invite me over for pie!




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