"How Do You Christmas . . . ?"



Welcome to the holiday season here at Tartanscot Headquarters!  This year I've collected some of my favourite interior designers from around the globe who are inviting you into their homes for the Christmas season - and we're asking one simple question - "How Do You Christmas?"  We're traveling from Spain to Texas, and Miami to The Hamptons!  

It all starts Tuesday afternoon - 1pm eastern time - with who else than "Mr. Christmas" himself, Benjamin Bradley (have you seen his new show on Netflix?).  And in the coming weeks we have a parade of holiday cheer and designers tricks to make your holidays amazing!

Be certain that you are following me on Instagram (@ScotMeachamWood) to meet all my friends and enjoy these lively conversations! 

Come for the decorating tips . . . and stay to help us decorate cookies!




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