"Royal Family Ties - The Sheep Sweater . . . "


When we were first starting the inspiration process for our new textile collection . . . my usual routine is to just start gathering anything and everything (whether they are design ideas, palette ideas, or just an image that inspires me!) into a digital file that gets edited with alarming regularity as the concepts begin to foam to the surface.

This season - I was fascinated by the 1980's (as usual!) and the idea of needle craft and knitting patterns.  So . . . The Princess of Wales easily got in the mix.

So meet SMW Home's Baa . . .

Inspired by the iconic sweater . . . we wanted to bring it to the interior design industry . . . working with the size of the pattern and the repeat.  After months of back and forth with the artists at the mill - I love the fact that even printed on cotton/linen ground, I love the fact that it feels 'fuzzy!'

 If you're looking for something more in the fashion world - check out the new collection from Rowing Blazers . . . featuring the Sheep Sweater for both men's and women's!

Available for both mens and ladies

SMW Home offers Baa in New Canaan Green too! 
Samples are available!


Jeannine520 said…
I love this! I hope you're planning other colors, too. I'd love a tan, ivory and charcoal version!!!

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