"Sunday Runway - Autumn is a Verb . . . "


As a long-time resident of San Francisco - we never had anything that one might refer to as a 'season.'  Much like the weather forecast from the film "Pleasantville" - it was almost in the low 70's eleven months out of the year.  I seriously never packed away my sweaters because I would wear a ski sweater in the middle of July to sit outside for brunch.

Living in New York has been VERY different.

It has been miserably hot here all Summer.  Like it always is.  My skin has not felt cashmere in MONTHS . . . lol.  But, about 48 hours ago . . . it happened.

We made the decision to keep the duvet on the bed overnight for warmth . . . there was a frost warning last night . . . I've even rediscovered my endless collection of hooded sweatshirt to wear whilst puttering around the apartment in the morning.


Now, it looks like our experiment in Autumn is only going to last another week or so . . . but, it's totally putting me in mind of shaggy-dog sweaters, embroidered corduroys, and velvet slippers.


But, no pumpkin spice.  Let's not be silly about this.



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