"Sunday Runway - Grayed . . . "


This all may in response to the fact that I found a grey eyebrow over my left eye yesterday.  Or maybe model Aiden Shaw is just a glorious example of how even men need to sometimes break the boundaries of physical expectations.  Who said male modeling was only for the 23 year olds?!?!?!

Aiden's journey to model superstardom has been a slightly circuitous one.  He grew up classically educated in England before becoming one of the most popular gay porn stars of the 1990's.  If you decide to do a further image search - yes - I said gay porn.  

By his mid-40's . . . he had moved into fashion modeling and has made a dramatic impact on the pages of magazines around the world . . . 

Here are a few favourites . . . 

We haven't been playing with ye olde Sunday Runway posts in a while - but, gray hair needs to be celebrated sometimes.

 Besides, you've got to admit . . . 
the guy can wear the hell outta a simple white shirt!



Wow! Stunning photos... gray gracefully my friend. Thanks for sharing.
Lori in Atlanta
tammy j said…
oh good lord.
both of you are beautiful men!
and gray is not gray.
it's SILVER.
of great value you know. XO
Merlin said…
"TOUGH!!!" (in a good way!) franki
Vickie H. said…
I confess to being a little awe-struck....he is so striking.....

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