"Boxing Match . . . "

"Ali vs. Norton"

Greetings -

Sometimes I wonder if it's just 'the Scorpio" in me (as we're known to be a particularly private people) - but, I love having little places to secret things away.  A cache of rarely-used hurricanes tucked under a skirted table.  Tie bars and cuff links organized in a small jewelry box.  The cable remotes safely hidden in a decorative box on the coffee table. 

Beautiful boxes have always fascinated me - it's one of the main reasons that I'm so delighted to announce that SMW Home has a new collection of Decorative Boxes!  Many times their craftsmanship can easily outweigh their function - so they can simply be beautiful without needing to be filled with the jetsam of day to day life. 

Like these . . .

A beautiful Irish Regency Mahogany Box dating from the 
early 1800's - and absolutely riddled with tiny compartments 
to keep life more organized - or to simple marvel 
at the amazing craftsmanship. 

 A beautiful Mahogany Playing Card Box.  The perfect 
little place to keep everything organized for an afternoon 
of heavy gossiping and light gambling with good friends.

And I love this marvelous carved apple in fruitwood Treenware
String Box is the perfect place to hide away a wee treasure!

    Of course we also have a selection of antique tartanware 
    boxes from the Victorian era - including this 
    wee Thread Box - with the original "McPherson" 
    marking on its lid.

    This pair of Chestnut Book Boxes dating from 1890 
    are completely chic.  One can use the faux 'bookmark' to pull 
    the box open - perfect for hiding away one's private thoughts 
    or treasures. 

    Stop by SMW Home - and see the complete collection!



      Merlin said…
      You certainly know how to pick them!!! franki
      I am always collecting boxes too;)

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