"Inspiration Point - Glorious . . . "


If you've not yet watched the HBO documentary on Gloria Vanderbilt and Anderson Cooper - "Nothing Left Unsaid" - stop reading this.  Turn off your computer.  Go watch it.  I'll wait.  We can meet back here in about 90 minutes when you're finished.

*quiet humming and doodling around on my website*


I don't ever remember not knowing about Gloria Vanderbilt - but, I can never seem to recall which part of her amazing (and often tragic) life I learned about first.  The custody battles or marriages or divorces or photo shoots or starring roles or marriages or children or suicides or designer jeans or painting or . . . or . . . or . . .

Her houses . . .   

Pictured here with her last husband Wyatt Cooper and their two boys Anderson and Carter . . . they seemed the very zenith of 1970's curated - but, effortless - chic.  Whenever I see interior images from this time period - what I most often see is my mother.  Because we had some of these pieces - and I'm SURE my mother saw these pictures and was inspired to create parts of her own life from them.  

Because THIS is glorious indeed.  I'm sure to younger eyes than mine this must look garish - to the point of being cartoon-like - but, to someone who lived through the 70's, this is immeasurably chic.  And I'd best my last tartan pillow that somewhere in my parents house, this picture is still safely tucked away in my mother's belongings.  For Gloria (and my mom), more was more.  Sometimes with a wee bit more on top.  

Sweet Lord, this is amazing.



Merlin said…
Those were the days, my friend...we thought they'd never end...*sigh*
Anonymous said…
Okay, on my way over to watch it! I love Gloria. xo, Nina

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