"House. Working . . . "


I was part of a slightly contentious online discussion (which is how I sometimes spend my evenings!) about the work involved in living in our homes. Beds that need to be made. Silver that needs to be polished. And chandeliers that need dusting (this was in fact the point of contention!) periodically.

Does the 'work of house' ever affect your design choices?

I love the advances in textiles and finishes over the last several years. Indoor/outdoor fabrics that were once clearly, and aggressively, abrasive can now be used for a couture gown without batting at eye.  Many case good finishes are almost bullet proof.  As part of my High Point Market adventures (much more about that in a later post), I saw a demonstration from Crypton that was amazing.  But, even with all of these advances, will our homes ever be 'house work' free.

I actually relish an afternoon of "deep cleaning."  I should also admit that we have a service that cleans our house regularly - so in some ways "deep cleaning" is all we ever have to deal with.  But personally, there's something SO gratifying about a completely empty clothes hamper. Or the gleam of freshly polished silver flatware.  I don't know that I've ever dismissed a design detail in my home because of a worry about upkeep.  I'd rather have the bother - but ALSO have the glorious design element.  Give me the beautiful chandelier that needs maintenance.  Give me the unlacquered brass hardware that will age in spite of each polish.

How does design and maintenance intersect in your home?



I agree, I'll take the work over something less than my eye dreams of.

I love polishing wooden furniture with homemade oils (with a cedar scent) or the scent of the linens tucked with lavender, or a dusting spray infused with a scent that reminds me of feeling cosy, or home, or just clean.

I hate dishes. That's the end of my cleaning hates. Everything else there is a way to make it luxurious. Even if one does it themselves;)
Princess . . .

I LOVE oiling the furniture too!

Merlin said…
Dare I say...I luv to iron. There! (I hate vacuuming!!$#@*!) franki
Linda Pakravan said…
My daughter and I both love polishing the wood furniture too!
I've been using Crypton for years in my healthcare work. Peace of mind.
Cheryl said…
AndI thought I was the only one who loved polishing wood furniture! (I don't mind polishing silver, either)I find it somehow relaxing, taking my mind of daily stressors. And Scot, do you ever get to the Pasadena Showcase? It's going on now…..
KarmannG said…
I don't mind ironing, especially if I have a good movie to watch! I also have a 1948 Ironrite mangle which makes short work of ironing sheets and cup towels (I can't deal with a curled up hem on anything, it simply must lay flat or it drives me insane).

When my children were teenagers, I believed in productive discipline. A job that produced a visible result was given for misbehavior. Most often, polishing the silver flatware. When family gatherings rolled around, I knew my sons could polish the silver and they would do it quickly and efficiently. Now they are grown, and laugh at their expertise in polishing silver.

Ironing, polishing silver and giving a lovely piece of furniture a nice polish with wax always fill me with a sense of accomplishment when I am done. Not so much the mopping and vacuuming......

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