"My First Real Christmas Tree . . . "


You have all been so kind to share your homes with me over the course of our contest . . . but, there was one story that really touched my heart . . . and with permission . . . I thought I'd share it . . .

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Hi Scot,

Love your work and your blog. Attached is my entry for your contest in the Christmas Tree category. I'll tell you a little bit about the tree: 

This is actually my first real Christmas tree (on my own, as an adult), so I really wanted to make it special. I live in a small one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, so I only had room for a 4.5' tabletop tree. 

I found this great fuzzy flanel ribbon in a red cabin check, and instantly knew I had to do a rustic cabin Christmas theme. I put on our traditional ornaments, used pinecones and paper birds, and I also hand-knit mini stockings and caps with authentic Shetland wool. Come Christmas, I plan to give away many of the hand-knit ornaments as gifts.

Nick and Ted

Completely lovely.  Completely inspiring.

Thanks for playing,


lindaraxa said…
Goes to show you...when you have talent you don't need to spend a fortune. I would have voted this as the winner!
Sarah said…
This one would get my vote as well. I like the ribbon and cabin theme for a small cozy tree. Perfection!
Nice idea to knit ornaments and gift them from the tree. Definitely a winner! Thanks for sharing the story, Scot.........Merry, Merry.......Sarah
Merlin said…
Priceless!!! franki
I took notice of this tree when you posted a photo earlier. It's very well done. I little knitted ornaments are very sweet!
Nick Angiolillo said…
Thank you for sharing this, Scot! Such an honor to see my tree on your blog.
I love good stories. And the tree is beautiful.
vignette design said…
Thanks for sharing Nick and Ted's story. Their tree is perfect! My 28 year old son and his girlfriend got their first tree this year too. I donated the ornaments, cast off from previous years. Their tree didn't look as cute as Nick and Ted's but it made them so happy to decorate their first tree! ~Delores
Babs said…
What a perfect tree. The pine cones,hand knit ornaments, and Rob Roy tartan ribbon are just the right touch.Thanks for sharing Nick and Ted's story.
Merry Christmas,

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