"Kiss Me at Midnight . . . "


I don't know about the rest of y'all . . . but, I haven't had a clear idea of what day it is for the last week and a half.  With an oddly placed "Tuesday" Christmas/New Years this year - and our holiday travel schedule - I've been in a complete calendar muddle.

But, I've checked my schedule twice.  And I'm quite certain that tonight is New Year's Eve.  So to make up for a few days away from the blog . . . I offer a parade of Hollywood snogging to ring in the new year.

I've purposely left the images un-captioned.  Can you name all of them?



Merlin said…
Ooooh, that is soooo romantic! Pretty certain I got all but one...I'm not a "Twighlight" fan... Salute! franki
YONKS said…
A cyber kiss coming your way! Happy Hogmany!
Anne-Marie said…
Downton Abbey
Love Story
Out of Africa
To Catch a Thief
Mansford Park
Thomas Crown Affair
Downton Abbey
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Pride & Predjudice
La Dolfina said…
Great post!
I have been feeling the same way myself.
I must say I am looking forward to returning to my routine.
Happy New Year Scot, may 2013 be an extraordinary year!
Hey everyone!

New year's greetings on a bright, clear Tuesday morning. It looks like Anne-Marie correctly named all the kisses from the post!

Anne-Marie . . . hopefully this is a good sign of an amazing new year for you!

wow anne marie!

just knew immediately that mr. darcy has it, hands down
happy new year!
Oh yay, great post! Makes me want to go bite someone's lower lip... :) N.G.

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