"A Forest of Trees . . . "

Holly Phillips, North Carolina

Well . . . the entries just keep coming and coming this year.  And I'm loving each and every email that I get.  I'm becoming a little fascinated that we have SO many entries for trees this year . . . and SO many amazing front door/entries . . . but, almost no dining tables yet.  Are you people eating properly?  With all this decorating . . . it's best to keep one's strength up with a proper meal on a beautifully dressed table . . . lol.

Here is a fresh collection of Christmas trees . . . freshly delivered, via email.

Enjoy . . .

Jim and Jo Ann Griffin, North Carolina

Stefan Hurray, Washington DC

Nicholas Adamko, New Jersey  
Suzanna Wanicka, CT

Roxanne Bernard, South Carolina 



Ivy Clad said…
I love that black & white striped entry!
Merlin said…
This is SO FUN!! franki
vignette design said…
Just finished my tree and feeling not so confident about submitting it. Do you know how hard it is to photograph a lit Christmas Tree? haha. Love seeing all the entries. ~Delores
Amazing how much talent is out there!! It will no doubt be very challenging for your judges to vote..cannot imagine how to choose just one!
Do we have to pick one category or can we enter more than one? :-) Thank you for your reply.
Tracy -

You can enter as many categories as you would like!


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