"More Entries . . . "

Angela Askew, Georgia

Entries are coming in fast and furious with the Tartanscot Holiday Decorating Contest these days . . . and I love seeing all the excitement and creativity that y'all are using to decorate your homes this holiday season.

Keep those entries coming in - remember you have until this next Saturday at midnight.

Deborah Porter, Georgia 
James Angus, Texas
Leslie Olsen, Ohio 
Kathy Rollins, Texas
James Angus, Texas
David Dozier, South Carolina
And if you've been curious to see what I'VE been doing to celebrate the holiday season . . . be sure to stop by tomorrow . . . I have a little present for everyone!



i love the first picture!!!
Love that door from James Angus!!
Karen said…
Love the last entry. This is fun!
Merlin said…
This is BETTER than any magazine...no advertisements, etc. GORGEOUS work!! franki

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