13 August, 2009

"Okay, seriously . . . "


I should know better than to peruse through the New York Times while I'm busy at the office . . . lol.  Especially the "Home" section!  How amazing is this property south on London?  The charming townhouse sits in one corner of the former Holloway Sanitorium Building constructed in 1877 located next to Virginia Park in Surrey.  I just love a re-purposed building.  From sanitorium to chic living space.

The second floor drawing room.

The ground floor dining room opens directly onto the gardens.

“The house did require a great deal of work, which began in June 2005, but we managed to finish just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving in our new home,” Mrs. Schick said.

"The kitchen, which measures 19 by 9 feet, was also remodeled to take advantage of its large windows and to add some storage space and even a hidden table, which pulls down from a cupboard to resemble a stand-alone piece of antique furniture."

and . . . done.  The original dining from the facility has been converted into a pool for all the residents of the building.  And bless them, they kept the original ceiling.  lovely.

The view over the crenelations to the neighbourhood and the gardens.

Now, back to my 'slightly crazed' office.  and the inevitable budget crunching.



Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Yes. Bless them indeed.

KATIE said...

Now THAT'S a swimming pool! Gorgeous!

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Love those windows and the architecture.

Covetable said...

That hammerbeam ceiling above the swimming pool is stunning. Thank you for sharing it with us!

LadyeLisa said...

You had me at 'crenelations' . . . ok, before that, but seriously! when do we move in??

Pigtown-Design said...

There was a vitorian era hospital across from where i lived in cardiff wales. it was abandoned when i lived there, but had been redone (badly) when i was there in the fall of 2008. they should have taken notes from these guys.

London Calling said...

That ceiling is beyond words.

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