19 August, 2009

"Let's put on a show . . . "

Good morning,

It seems like we've been working for weeks and weeks in music rehearsals and staging - and now, on Friday evening - we (the members of the SF's new "Urban Opera" company) open with our first performance of Purcell's Dido and Aeneas - out under the evening sky.

"Urban Opera is a new San Francisco-based opera company focused on telling the beautiful, yet often improbable, stories of the classic operas in a compelling way for a modern audience.  

Urban Opera sets these tales of passion, betrayal, love and loss in unexpected locations in the City with minimal sets and emerging, talented singers who aren't afraid to take risks -- this is not your grandparents' opera."

mezzo-soprano Kindra Scharich as Dido

It's always such a great pleasure working with the amazing musicians here in the Bay Area.  And to be part of a new company - it has been so exciting.  And yes, we are performing the opera outside with a small orchestra with a cast of about 30.  We've got a great story of love, and royalty, and fire, and witches, and evil spells, and thunderstorms, and fickle gods, and clearly, someone might have to die.  It will be magical.

If you're in the area this weekend - we are performing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings - come out and join us.  Click here for additional information and for tickets.

"A city that is destroyed by flames, 

sailors who come and go, 

and a tragic queen ... very San Francisco"

Mi, mi, mi, mi, mi,


ArchitectDesign™ said...

I didn't know this!! Thats one of my FAVORITE operas -how exciting! i'm off to listen to it on my ipod now! :-)

The Antiques Diva™ said...

You make me wish I was in America - no, make that San Francisco, right now! Break a leg!!!

tartanscot said...


I'm listening to "Dido" in the office as well . . . singing along quietly, making sure I have all my entrances right . . . lol.

tartanscot said...


Thanks! Will do!

tartanscot said...
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