20 August, 2009

"Craving comfort . . . "

Good morning all,

I'm not really *sniff* feeling well this morning. Luckily, I have an easy day - so I think I'll work from home (which may very well include some napping) for most of the day - before zipping into the office for a few meetings later in the afternoon. But, in the meantime, I'm craving some pampering and comfort foods. And dreaming of a chic, rustic cabin in the woods.

My favourite breakfast.
Scottish Breakfast tea and oatmeal w/ almond butter. Warm and yummy.

Back to my dream home . . . the wonderful work of Charleston designer Kathleen H. Rivers.

“It’s a huge room that serves many functions,” says designer Kathleen Rivers, “but we didn’t want to fill it up.” When it came to furnishing the house, she says, “comfort was the primary goal.” Inspired by the mellowed, layered look of English country houses, Rivers created a seemingly offhand mix of Southern antiques, tribal rugs, and regional pottery."

The perfect place for a warm, comforting lunch later in the day? Please?

With any luck, there will be some homemade chicken pot pie for lunch.
I already have mother's recipe ready to go. And I'm making chicken stock right now.

"With its juxtaposition of Southern furniture, wicker armchairs, antique hickory rockers, a Moroccan rug, and a pair of bright green lamps made from vintage tin containers, the porch suggests an earthy informality."
Kathleen H. Rivers

And blessedly, Project Runway starts tonight.
And I don't have rehearsal tonight - yay - and can enjoy some
television watching curled up in bed.

blogging from bed,


Mrs. Blandings said...

Feel better soon - sounds like you're taking good care of yourself. Rest up!

Linda Merrill said...

Even though it's hotter than hades here in Boston, that all sounds really good! Hope you're feeling better. Looking forward to Project Runway!

Not blogging from bed - oh well.

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