05 August, 2009

" Love, Love, Love . . . "


I, like so many of you, get so excited when my copy of House Beautiful shows up at the door, and my clear favourite is the small Los Angeles home of Joe Nye. Such wonderful colours. Such beautiful details. Such amazing textiles. Such a playful sense of scale and proportion.

"You practically have to walk sideways to get around.
But I live alone, so 'sensible' doesn't have to prevail."
Joe Nye

Seriously, how charming and wonderful. Love the paper, love the mirror, and I love the glimpse of chinoiserie wall covering through the opened door.

"Since the apartment only has one bathroom, it also has to function as the powder room, so Nye wanted it to be 'slightly dramatic, and as elegant as possible.' "

And, anyone with a collection of tartanware boxes nestled in their bedroom is CLEARLY going to be a-okay in my book. lol.


Meade Design Group said...

The wallpaper with celandon green and palm leaves is amazing!

tartanscot said...

quote from the article,
"Claremont's George Spencer Palm Stripe wallpaper"

Preppy 101 said...

Love it when he says " 'sensible' doesn't have to prevail." Thanks for sharing!!

I love House Beautiful. This magazine made me feel confident about a decorating direction that I took and then doubted. We "DIY" decorators do this ;-)

What is your opinion of upholstered, monogrammed headboards?

Linda/"Mom" said...

* The TARTANWARE BOXES?~~~~ ABSOLUTELY SOOOOO DIVINE!!! Have ALWAYS loved & appreciated them!!! And I AM married to an Irishman, ya know!)~

Best to you,
Linda in AZ *

Pigtown-Design said...

Did you listen to Skirted Rountable where they discuss the space?

tartanscot said...

I listened to it just this morning whilst I was getting dressed for work - lol.

Tracy @ comfortandluxury said...

Love it. Have poured over it many times. The only thing I would change for myself is the bathroom wallpaper. But I don't live there, Mr Nye does and it's apparent he loves every square inch of it. That's my favorite part I think... that you can see, and almost feel, how much he loves his home.

GrannySmithGreen said...

Now, tell me this, how does one achieve the "magazine worthy" look like he did in the first picture? If I had done it, it would have looked ratty and mismatched. What's the trick. I want to know?!

That bathroom/powder room: Oh, yes! That works for me. Really like the taps in one finnish with the gilt mirror. I like to mix it up a bit.

Diane Dorrans Saeks said...


My favorite comment from a decorator about his own bedroom: "I have to walk sideways tp get around the room..."
it's charmingly unpretentious and witty--and just right for the times.Great pick.

i agree. This is a stellar house, with every detail fresh and perfect. www.thestylesaloniste.com

tartanscot said...


it's tough to argue with an insouciantly placed cashmere throw. lol.

Savannah Amerson said...

I'm always a fan of the good use of bright color; and, being a girl from the South I must say that just about anything upholstered and monogrammed is ok!

Tickled Pink And Green said...

I loved his place too when I saw it in House Beautiful. Love all that pattern upon pattern. And those tartanware boxes! Ohhhh...

Paul Pincus said...

But I live alone, so 'sensible' doesn't have to prevail."

that's so fantastic!

i'm in LOVE with the bathroom/powder room. so inspired!

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