"Two Hands . . . "

Good evening,

I had the pleasure (and delight) of attending the "Thank You" party for the 2008 Dining by Design event in San Francisco. It was great to see so many of my fellow designers and friends (just keep reading, this'll make sense in a second). One of the most inspirational speeches of the evening was from a doctor working with the Positive Health Program (whose work the charity helps to fund.) She spoke of the important work that our fund raiser supports and the great need of that support as Federal and State funds begins to dwindle even further.

For those who wanted to do more, she offered the group a recommendation. "volunteer." In these "troubled economic times (how many times a day do you hear that phrase? ugh.)," volunteering can save charities valuable funds, but costs the individual volunteer nothing.

There seems to be a flurry of discussion about what we might each 'give up' for the season of Lent. The next 40 days are a traditional time of reflection and sacrifice to prepare for the celebration of Easter. I've decided to give up some of my spare time. There's a great volunteer program called "One Brick." They help to pair volunteers and organizations and have offices in several cities across the US.

Can't wait to see where my two hands end up.

for more information on Dining by Design.
for more information on the Positive Health Program.
for more information on the One Brick Program.


LadyeLisa said…
Thanks for sharing those words of inspiration. You have a great idea! And a great way to combat the prevalent notion that "I can't make a difference."
Giving of your spare time is a wonderful idea. Your talents can be used by people and organizations that might never have the opportunity to hire a professional of your caliber.

On a lighter note, I wouldn't mind using your two hands on one of my projects! I'm currently working on an English Cotswold style cottage. I think you'd love it!

I hope and pray that the next 40 days will be full of discovery for you. I know it will be full of beauty!
Pigtown*Design said…
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red ticking said…
i love this post. i was raised catholic and love lent...ash wednesday is always fun when people are asking me "whats wrong with your head?" "did you know you have something on your forehead?" or...oh my goodness ..."its ash wednesday!!!!!"

it is a great time to reflect and do unto others... and i love what you are doing..i will do my part as well.

happy lent!

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