"Testing, testing . . . "

Good morning,

Just a quick update on the "the photographer is coming! the photographer is coming!" project here at my house. I spent part of last weekend cleaning and styling my study and just took some test shots this morning to how it's looking on film.

I'm feeling pretty good about it. Now all I need is the new table linens and the custom bedding to come in from the workroom. Oh, and maybe a new floor lamp. And, um, some new china ? At least I'm stimulating the economy. lol.

on task,


always room for more china!! lol
Anonymous said…

the place is looking great! Do you have a date for the shoot yet? and can I get your photographer's info, I need to have a project shot as well.

columnist said…
Looks great, and I love the oversized picture, (lady on a horse).
cotedetexas said…
is that your house?????? omg - its gorgeous!!! A photoshoot? good luck and get your rest. haha!!!
Paul Pincus said…
you should be feeling pretty great about it!

it's sublime.
Grant K. Gibson said…
I LOVE it...can I move in?
What is the photo shoot for?

(loved your boots too!)
thestyleadvisor said…
Love it, all that is missing is a glass of fine whiskey and a cigar.
wow . . . thanks everyone for the great feedback and encouragement! I'll post some other images as I get other parts of the house ready.

This is just lovely! It looks as though it may get a bit crowded there--since we all want to move in! The warm colors, the pillows, the picture, the flowers...love it all.

I can't wait for you to see the "smoking room" pictures from The Cloister. I'm hoping to post them later on this week. You will LOVE IT! This room (yours) has a similar masculine feel.

Take care and can't wait to see more!
GSG . . . it's an alarmingly spacious room, we should all be fine in there. lol.

can't wait to see your pix !

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