"Lilly Pulitzer, 1931 - 2013 . . . "

Lilly Pulitzer, 1931 - 2013


I awoke Sunday morning to the sad news that Lilly Pulitzer had passed away that same morning - at her home in Palm Beach.

In the 1950's, Lilly and her husband moved to Palm Beach, Florida - and she decided to open a juice stand (she and her husband owned citrus groves) just off Worth Avenue.  But, over the course of working each day - Lilly discovered that she was having a hard time keeping clean.  So . . . like any wise entrepreneur . . . she designed work outfits - jaunty shift dresses in bright, manic floral prints - that would hide the day to day activity.

Soon she discovered that she was having more interest in her bright ensembles than the juices . . . so by 1959, she became president of Lilly Pulitzer, Inc based in Miami - and she was wardrobing such famous names as Jackie Kennedy and members of the Vanderbilt family.

So for a few moments . . . let's just celebrate her bright, cheerful style . . .

"Despite the forecast, live like it's Spring"
                         - Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly, in one of her store - in 2007.

The other reason that I'm a little blown sideways by this morning's news . . . is that I'm working on a current project (our upcoming room in the Peninsula Volunteers Decorator Show House) that is using the Lilly Pulitzer Collection of textiles from Lee Jofa as the inspiration for our room.  So after spending the last several months knee-deep in fuschia and emerald green textiles - I'm particularly saddened by this news. I hope that our little project will be a celebration of her jaunty attitude - and her love of a bright, cheerful life!

Long.  Live.  Lilly.



Merlin said…
Yours will be a lovely tribute. franki
April said…
At one time, I lived in Southampton and shopped at the Lily Pulitzer store on Jobs Lane like there was no tomorrow!

No one had done clothes like these before...fun, bright, young and wearable. She saw a void and filled it beautifully.

Mrs. Pulitzer was of another era, but those who knew her and her clothes will miss her.

April, Just Verte Style
pve design said…
I remember as a teen coveting Lilly and then a trip to Florida just made me want all those bright prints.
What an impression she leaves behind. A long life, creating fresh squeezed fun!
mikky said…
This is very sad news. I didn't know she originally had a juice stand. Very nice tribute post.

Carmen Bécares said…

.... estoy deseando ver las fotos de la nueva habitacion.
Pasate por mi blog y podras ver un par de fotos del patio de mi casa.... Esparo que te guste, está un poco "soso" porque no vivimos alli, solo lo usamos para pasar el fin de semana.

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