"Designers At Home, Personal Reflections on Stylish Living . . . "

Scot Meacham Wood Residence 2012
(photographed by Nicolas Smith)


Well . . . after what seems like years (in fact, it all started with an excited phone call from Ronda Carman in late August of 2011 asking if I would be interested in participating) - Designers at Home, Personal Reflection on Stylish Living is finally a reality.  A studied peek into the private residences of 50 designers from the US, UK, and Europe.  It launched officially from Rizzoli just last week . . . and is being greeted with rave reviews from around the globe.

The above image is one of many from my own little flat here in San Francisco - in one of its rare daytime appearances.  For some reason - we always seem to photograph my place at night - so it was a fun challenge to shoot it with the bright morning sun streaming through my home.

My own place is just one of the fifty designers whose homes are featured in this impressive collection.  And I'm beyond delighted to be included.  It's been great fun for the last several days to read through each chapter - many designers that I have only admired from afar . . . and also friends that I have know for years - reading Ronda's insight into their world as well as their own thoughts on their homes has been fascinating.

If you're in the Bay Area . . . Ronda will be at Hudson Grace on Saturday May 4th for a book signing from 2 to 4pm.  Come by and say 'hi' - and get a chance to meet Ronda!  I couldn't be more proud of her success if I were twins.  And seeing the long, drawn-out process of getting everything ready for the book has given me a new appreciation of her dedication and her great writing style.



Karena said…
Congratulations Scot. The book sounds wonderful. I am very excited to read it!

Art by Karena
Congratulations! I am a huge fan if Rhonda and have been looking forward to this book. I cannot wait to see more of your stunning place.
Lisa Mende said…
Congrats on being in the book! So happy I got to be a Ronda, Scot foot massage sandwich in High Point, even if I did fall asleep! LOL! So good to spend time with you!
Unknown said…
A sunny day in San Francisco? Say it ain't so...
Congrats on being included in the book...the room is so inviting and masculine
April said…
Scot, one of the things I've always liked about your apartment in it's various guises is that it's so comfortable and welcoming, as well as stylish. It looks like HOME... not a space designed for a magazine feature!

Looking forward to the book.

April, Just Verte Style

Merlin said…
Your "own little flat." :) Kudos! franki
Karen said…
I love your apartment and will definitely have to put this book on my wish list, if nothing else to be able to study your great style for creating such welcoming rooms.
I second April, above, I always love seeing images of your home. A gorgeous house is one thing, a gorgeous, warm, *home* is entirely another, and my most preferred. I can't wait to get a copy of this. Congratulation to you on your feature!
vignette design said…
Congratulations Scot! I'm ordering the book today. May even come to the book signing--love Hudson Grace!
Congratulations Scot... I can't wait to see it!
ronda is a smart woman, of course you would be included. congrats!
Leonard said…
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Carmen Bécares said…
Felicidades!. Me temo que no podré asistir a la firma de libros....
Un saludo desde Madrid, España.

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