"But, It Is Easy Being . . . "

Kiera Knightly, in Atonement


I don't wish to rub your noses in it, oh sweet east coast friends . . . but, we're in the serious throws of a proper Spring here in San Francisco.  Daffodils are struggling through the damp ground.  Our weather is warming considerably.  And after a long, wet winter . . . my eye is being pulled away from the blues that have been stirring my imagination as of late . . . and back to their proper green.

As I've stated in the past . . . were you to awaken me from a deep sleep and ask my favourite colour - I will always answer 'green.'   Dark and loamy.  Or bright and cheerful.  Those lush hues of the earth that always bring me to a calm state of mind . . . and inspire my creativity.

So come with me and cast your mind upon the green . . . it's easy . . .

"Highland Dress"

SMW Design, Berkeley Project

The lush front lawn of Highclere Castle . . . also known as "Downton Abbey"

SMW Design, Piedmont Residence

SMW Design, San Francisco Residence 

Prince Charles . . . in his younger days.

Hopetoun House, Scotland

Oscar de la Renta, Spring 2012

Patrick Grant, of Norton & Sons.  London. 

One of the most famous party dresses of all time, from Gone With the Wind

from Tucker & Marks, San Francisco 

SMW Design, Mountain View Residence 

SMW Design, Berkeley Project

SMW Design, Mountain View Residence 

(and be sure to check back on Saturday - for a very special National Tartan Day tour planned for you . . . !)


Wow, Scott, I am about to be one happy pinned! Beautiful post.
Happy Wednesday.
Merlin said…
Nice...rubbing it in...Spring has YET TO OPEN here in VA/DC...one day soon... I luv "spring green." franki
tammy j said…
i have been gone from your site.
how could i have so easily forgotten your grace and style and wit? shame.
you are always a feast for the eyes. and sometimes the heart.
thank you!
Karen said…
I did hunter green for years and I thought I was over it, your pictures have given me some pause where green is concerned.
Love green in all its beautiful rich shades....you make a beautiful argument for it!
April said…
I'm with you, Scot. Green, absolutely and forever.

Who cannot love the range of greens that old, faded tapestry? And I'm in love with the pale green stained glass in the windows of the stately dining room.

Spring has finally arrived here in Atlanta with April showers, birds courting and nesting, and garden centers filled with folks eager to dig in the dirt.

Enjoy! Enjoy!

April, Just Verte Style
vignette design said…
Thanks for the green inspiration. Loving our spring weather--I hear it's going to be quite warm next week!
How could you not like green after viewing these luscious images?
Teddee Grace said…
What about the other green Gone With the Wind dress, the one made from the living rooms drapes?
Ron said…
I love to decorate with shades of green too. I am really into Spring green these days.

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